10 Condo Decorating Ideas

Condo Decorating Ideas

Downsizing can be a pain, especially when it means moving from a house in the province to a fraction-of-the-size condo in the city. For this big change, planning is everything. Interior design expert Kimberley Seldon noted that storage is the biggest problem for such a move, but that’s easy to remedy—if you know some condo decorating ideas that help maximize space.

Here are some of Seldon’s condo decorating ideas to maximize your loft’s space:

Condo Decorating Ideas You Can Use to Maximize Space

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Kitchen organization

Kitchen Organization

Unless you love cooking and would need some place to prepare food for your family and friends, there is no need for a large kitchen. Seldon, from her own experience, shared, “When it comes to entertaining, we usually have hors d’oeuvres or do takeout. There’s so much great food in the neighborhood. I knew this wouldn’t be a kitchen.”

So she adjusted the floor plan by removing large appliances and switching to the basics: a cooktop, an oven, fridge, and coffee maker, and tucked them behind louvred doors. She also opted for a small sink—the trick is to open up enough space so that they can fit a multi-purpose island and turn it into a dining table with storage into the main living area.

She also said that she installed built-ins in rooms. “I use them as my guidelines for when it’s time to purge. Once they’re full, they’re full,” she shared. Because of this philosophy, her own condo is clutter-free and efficient in its design.

Graphic door design

Graphic Door Design

Hall-closet doors are perfect for when you have art but with no place to put it. These days, custom-printed glass or wallpaper can create a lovely statement in your home.

Table placements

Table Placements

Wall-to-wall windows could be intimidating, but there is a way around them. Put a table and sofa in front of the windows and hang full-length drapes to frame them and add intimacy.

Pops of accessories

Pops of Accessories

Add pops of colors to a solid interior by adding candles, pillows, and flowers to play up the home. Go start with using the hottest hues of the season.

Dark furniture

Dark Furniture

Home offices are usually snug, but dark wooden desk and a credenza that can help conceal files could make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Monochromatic hues

Monochromatic Hues

Built-ins and surrounding walls, when painted in the same color scheme, can have a soothing and dramatic effect.

Non-cluttered spaces

Non-Cluttered Spaces

Condos are not known for their space, so when space is tight, just keep the things that you need and hide the rest.

Paint the ceiling black

Black Ceiling

Dark ceilings create the impression of height, which makes them perfect for small spaces like condo-sized bedrooms. Mirrors behind the bed also double the light that comes in, so despite the color of the ceiling, you will never feel that your room is dim.

Dressing areas

Dressing Areas

In case you have a small bathroom, make space for your makeup and hair products in the bedroom instead. Dressers are helpful for when you need to indulge yourself in your daily rituals. A small desk or dresser can work wonders!

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