Fast Forward with 2017 Interior Design Trends

Interior Designs for 2017

If you’re the type of person who likes updating your home based on the latest interior design trends, then you might want to put the marble and copper home ware down. It’s way past the middle of the month, which means you have to get ahead to 2017’s design trends instead.

While it seems like it was just yesterday when we celebrated the new year (where did all the days go?) trend forecasters and designers are already looking into 2017, and there is a big shake-up in the trending field.

The team at Australian homeware business company Nathan + Jac said, “Your prolific use of technology and social media consumption has shortened the gap in our adaptation of global trends, meaning we are seeing international styles hitting our stores a lot quicker than in previous years.”

Here are the interior design trends that you may want to see in your home for 2017:

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What’s In



Cool and white is out the window, because in 2017, it’s all about the warm fuzzies. Warmer, earthier materials like terracotta tiles will replace the current white tones.

Lauren Macer of Sisalla Interior Design said that unlike the 80s, however, they will not be used as border tiles but as main features in bathroom walls or for cladding fireplaces, die to their natural matte finish. Without the rustic feel and keeping up with the matte trend, these tiles could add character and warmth to interiors.



Cork is no longer just for wines. In fact, not only is it becoming stylish, it is becoming an entire feature in itself as it adds texture and warmth to spaces, which means that you now have an excuse to turn an entire wall into your own corkboard with all your Pinterest ideas pinned on it.

“It’s used in coffee table bases in combination with stone tops and as solid cork stool or side table,” said Macer, adding that she predicts, “cork could be used to clad entire walls in the home office and used to pin notes to.”

Dark green


Navy and midnight blues are long gone. By 2017, interior design is all about dark greens. Dark green for bedrooms will make a great backdrop for tan leathers, furs, brass lamps, and natural linen. It will be used as a feature furniture, however, like an armchair or cushion. It will serve as an accent, adding depth to the room and color from the outdoors.

Upholstered bedheads


Leave the timber bed frames in 2016 as 2017 is all about upholstered bed heads. These things had been a staple in luxury bedrooms like those in celebrity homes or hotels, but it’s just making its way to upper-middle classes. Whether it’s for classic models in neutral colors or plush versions in velvet, bedheads make it easy to update and add glamour to a bedroom.



We’ve been blanketed by so much technology these days that homes with nooks are fast becoming the way of reprieve. The team at Nathan + Jac said that with the increasing amount of time people spend in front of their screens, there is now a greater desire to create spaces that are devoid of these digital distractions. Calm and tranquil is the mood of choice so whether it’s a bedroom or a reading nook to escape to, these are places of relaxing furniture and materials like linen slip covers, oversized love seats, day beds, and even wool rugs and floor cushions to give a relaxing vibe.

Jewel tones


Soft pastels are retiring, and their brighter versions are moving in. Shades of pink and blue make way to jewel tones inspired by metals, space, stars, clouds, and the entire cosmos with lucite and opal to add a sparkle of interest. On transparent fabrics, floaty silks, and sheer hangings, romance will be quite an element to every room. The brightness of the colors adds some optimism as well.

What’s Out



Copper and rose gold may look pretty, but they’re not for home designs by 2017. The oversaturation of its cheap versions will make it look like you’re trying too hard, which is already a problem in itself. Therefore, a more industrial aesthetic like black steel and burnished metals.



Marble always looks elegant, but with all the marble homeware available during the peak of the 2016 interior design trends, it’s gotten a bit old—and time has come for a change to happen. Opt for raw, earthy textures like timber, clay, and wicker for 2017 instead.

Quote artworks


Waking up to inspirational and motivational quotes on your wall can be the picker-upper you need to start your day, but after years of popularity, maybe it’s time to retire them to the recesses of your computer screen and personal work space instead. They have officially become cliches by now, so take them down.

You can always find motivation in other places.

Fiddle leaf figs


They may look gorgeous, but even beauty can pass. We’re not saying you have to throw the plant if you have one of your own—we can’t afford to throw away plants in an increasingly urbanized setting—greens are healthy for the eyes, too. However, if you don’t already have a plant at home, you might want to choose something else other than a fiddle leaf fig. It’s not even native in the Philippines, so you might as well add to the right flora with a decorative plant that actually grows in our country.

Open plan living


Open spaces work for a time, but defined living spaces are making a comeback as people realize they actually like privacy and the non-mix of smells from the dining room to the living room. “As people have now lived with the open plan living areas incorporating kitchen, living, dining, and even study areas, they have found problems with acoustics and cooking smells through the space,” Macer explained. “The living, kitchen, and dining areas could be located around central courtyard, breaking up the large open space.”

Subway tiles


Bathrooms and kitchens feature humble subway tiles because of its affordability and versatility. However, if you really want to follow the latest interior design trends, t’s about time to lay them down to rest. They have been absolutely everywhere and they have been tired. Instead, go for a finger or “kit-kat” tiles, which are long and thin. They look good in both vertical and horizontal views, so you can never go wrong with them.


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