Bamboo Designs Around the World

Inspiring Bamboo Designs and Architecture from Around the World

Bamboo is a woody grass that has built a reputation as one of the fastest-growing plants. Over the years, it has slowly been carving a large impact on the design and architecture…

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Bamboo Building

Bamboo Building: Stunning Bamboo Structures from Around Asia

Bamboo is a construction material commonly associated with Asian culture and tradition. In most Asian countries, bamboo is used to create structures like suspension bridges, fences, and even houses. This…

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Mandani Bay Cebu

5 Reasons You Should Be Excited for Cebu’s Mandani Bay

Ready to witness the ever-glorious future? Mandani Bay Cebu is poised to redefine real estate living in the Queen City of the South. The project is a joint venture between…

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Favorite Childhood Snacks

10 Favorite Childhood Snacks We Love to Munch On

Ever had those times when you were waiting for your change after buying something at a sari-sari-store, then a group of kids would approach the store and start reciting the food…

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Holy Week in the Philippines

Holy Week Traditions and Activities in the Philipines

Christianity was first introduced to the Filipinos in the 1500s by the Spaniards. From thereon, the religion spread like wildfire throughout the country. Presently, Philippines is the only Christian nation in…

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Filipino Drinks

Popular Filipino Drinks You Will Surely Like

The Philippines has many different types of drinks, from coffee to juices, smoothies, and wine. The country has it all. Filipino drinks have the taste that is truly unique on…

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Famous Silog

Famous Silog FIlipinos Have Always Loved

If you ask Filipinos what their favorite breakfast is, they will easily tell you one or more of the famous silog. Silog is actually a meal of sinangag (garlic fried…

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Private Island Destination

Little Harvest Caye: Escape to Your Very Own Resort

Longing for the salty breeze to invade your senses and the fine warm sand to caress your feet while watching the golden sun go down together with your loved one?…

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Bedroom Designs in the World

Beautiful Bedroom Designs That Make You Never Want to Leave – Part 2

You have been introduced to eleven of the most amazing bedroom designs in the world in the first part of this series. This time, let’s venture into what seems like…

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Easy DIY Projects for Home

Cheap DIY Projects That Add Personality to Your Home

After giving you a long and comprehensive first list of easy DIY projects for home, we have listed more decor ideas you can do for yourself at any time you…

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