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bamboo eco living room

20 Spectacular Bamboo-Themed Living Rooms for a Nature-Friendly Home

A bamboo-themed living room brings a feeling of serenity for homeowners and guests. Bamboo is a quick way to incorporate Asian designs into your personal space. If you have been…

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Native House Designs in the Philippines

The Evolution of the Bahay Kubo: The Native House Design of the Philippines

The nipa hut is considered as a national symbol of the Philippines. It comes in a variety of names that range from kamalig to the more popular term bahay kubo. It…

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Building your Dream House Using Bamboo

Bamboo for Building Your Modern Dream Home

When the word “bamboo” pops into mind, images of zen spas, pandas, and all the beautiful things from the orient immediately come to mind. But nowadays, bamboo is used for…

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Famous Bahay Kubo in Los Baños

A Lovely Modern Bahay Kubo in the Philippines

For centuries, the nipa hut or bahay kubo became a symbol of bayanihan (togetherness, unity) for Filipinos, especially for those who have resided in the rural area. The term literally means “cube…

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Modern and Elegant Bamboo Living Spaces

Bamboo Living Spaces: A Touch of Modern Elegance

If you have traveled to countries in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, you have probably noticed that a majority of homes are made of bamboo and nipa. Those who have…

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Home Interior Design

Bamboo-Themed Ideas for Your Home Interior Design

Looking for a certain design that you want to implement once you start building your dream home? Well, you might want to take these two factors into consideration: style and…

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Stunning Bamboo House in Bali

This Stunning Bamboo House in Bali Will Take Your Breath Away

After leaving a successful job in New York, Elora Hardy rode a plane to Indonesia and never once looked back. Today, she is known as the head of a design team behind…

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Bamboo House Designs

Here’s Why You Should Start Considering Bamboo House Designs

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plant materials from around the world. In fact, scientists have discovered species of bamboo that are capable of growing up to 35 inches within…

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Horizons 101 Tower 2

Take a Tour Around Horizons 101

Over 800 units at Horizons 101 Tower 1 project have already been sold, but it seems it’s not enough as there has been much appeal for more units. To meet…

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Mandani Bay Condo Units

Get a Glimpse of Mandani Bay Condo Units

Don’t you wish to live in a place where everything you need is within the immediate vicinity? Well, there is such a place—the Mandani Bay. This haven, which will soon rise…

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