Home Renovation Projects

Add Value to Your Home in Six Weeks

We are all guilty of putting off projects and tasks around the house for months. When putting off things like fixing annoying flickering lights or starting home renovation¬†projects, the work…

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Houseplants for Non-Green-Thumb Homeowners

Houseplants for People with No Green Thumb

Studies say that looking at something green can release some of the stress and tension you feel over the day. That being said, most people want to see a bit…

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Remove Kitchen Odor

How to Fend Off Kitchen Odors from Your Condo

People say that the worse food smells, the better it tastes, which is why people love dried fish and vinegar with their rice, among other things. However, despite one’s love…

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Personalize Your Door

20 Clever Ideas to Personalize Your Door with Flowers

When people go to your house, the first thing they see would be your front door. The entrance way is visible from the street, so choosing how to style and…

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Relaxing Paint Colors

Paint Colors That Can Give Off a Relaxing Vibe

Sometimes, it’s all about the color palette, and when it comes to designing a home, color theme is one way to add personality to your space. As a homeowner, it…

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Design for Plain Condo

4 Ways to Turn a Plain Condo into a Relaxing Home

There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes when stepping into a newly turned over condo unit. After investing your hard-earned pesos in a space that you can call your own,…

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Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling Design Ideas to Add Elegance to Your Home: Part 2

There are also modern ceilings that can do a whole lot more than just provide a white canvas. The classic looks are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that you’re limited…

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Cut Household Bills

5 Ways to Cut Your Household Bills

Homeowners would agree that among their biggest monthly expenditures are the bills to cover rent and utilities. If you too are a homeowner, you must have also worried a lot…

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Home Improvement Fixes

Home Improvement: 20 Easy 60-Minute Fixes

Making your space come alive can mean something as easy as rearranging furniture or giving a tiny touch up on the paint. Below are some easy home improvement fixes that…

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Weekend Home Improvement Projects

10 DIY Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

For those who have some extra time this weekend, why not get out your tool box and try one of these weekend home improvement projects. Social media can make anybody’s…

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