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Popular Philippine Festivals

Festivals in the Philippines: Part 2

Filipinos are joyful people by nature. They also love festivals, which have been ingrained deeply in their culture since the old times. When it comes to celebration, they never fail to…

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Famous Beaches in the Philippines

Famous Beaches in the Philippines You Should Stop By This Summer

With more than 7000 islands within the Philippines’s territory, it’s no surprise that plenty of beautiful, world-class beaches are found in this archipelagic country—all comparable to the other known beach…

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Popular Summer Destinations in the Philippines

Popular Summer Destinations in the Philippines to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

Summer. It’s once again that time of the year when the weather is the hottest in the Philippines. As students who just finished their final exams and workers who badly…

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Must-Visit Places in Central Luzon

Must-Visit Places in Central Luzon

In this article we are going to discuss the must-visit places in Central Luzon. Central Luzon is composed of seven provinces that fall under Region III: Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva…

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Southern Luzon Cuisine

Regional Cuisines of Southern Luzon

After featuring the amazing cuisine of Northern Luzon earlier this month, it would be unfair if we don’t similarly highlight the delectable Southern Luzon cuisine, which is one of the…

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Tourist Spots in Northern Luzon

Must-Visit Places in Northern Luzon

Summer vacation is almost near, it’s time again to plan your next adventure. There are over 7,000 islands in the country, so you have plenty of wonderful places to choose…

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Philippine Festivals

Festivals in the Philippines: Part 1

Let’s admit it, we Filipinos just love celebrating and we are no novice when it comes to organizing Philippine festivals. In fact, we are so adept in this business that…

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Facts About Sinulog

Things Every Sinulog Festival Attendee Should Be Aware Of

The holiday season is almost done, but in just a couple of weeks, another festival is coming our way—the Sinulog Festival. There are some interesting facts about Sinulog like how…

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10 Unique Filipino Traditions Every New Year

Filipinos are fond of superstitious beliefs. Many of these are heavily influenced by the Chinese and have been part of the Filipino culture for as long as we can remember. There are…

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Best Places to Welcome New Year

Top 9 Philippine Destinations to Welcome the New Year In

It’s almost Christmas, and before you know it, we will have to greet the year 2017. Just like Christmas, Filipinos typically welcome the new year with their friends and loved ones…

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