Cut Your Ironing Time in Half with These Tips

Cut Ironing Time

Few people actually enjoy ironing clothes, so if you’re one of the many who get anxious of the thought of hauling wrinkled clothing out of your wardrobe for an ironing session, you’re not alone. However, there is a way to cut ironing time in half and even make you feel like it’s less of a chore.

Here are some hacks to help you with this tiring chore:

Ways to Cut Ironing Time in Half

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Turn it down

Washing Machine

By opting for a lower temperature and slower spin on your washing machine, you can minimize the wrinkles on your clothes, and this trick is especially effective for cotton fabrics. Whenever possible, opt for the Cold or Normal setting on your machine.

Shake it off


Spend a few minutes shaking out your clothes from its twists and clumps when you get them out of the washing machine.This can make a difference in the state that your clothes are getting out of—a few kinks here and there instead of wrinkled heaps of freshly laundered clothes.

Towel trick

Towel Laundry

Grab a small, clean, hand towel. Wet it under the tap and throw it in the dryer with your shirts for about 15 minutes. The wet hand towel will act as a steamer for your shirts while the dryer is running as it releases some steam.

Timing matters

Laundry Matters

Don’t leave your clothes for another day. If you leave time between washing and drying your clothes, you’re going to end up with a load of wrinkled items. As soon as you finish drying your clothes, remove the clothes and hang them. if you’re going out, set your timers to start just before you arrive home or have it on extended cycle.

Aluminium hack

Ironing Tips

To cut ironing time in half, place a sheet of aluminum foil under your ironing board to speed up the ironing process. Because of the reflected heat, you don’t have to iron the other side of your clothes because the aluminum will help you iron both sides at once.

Folding technique

Folding Technique

Prevent creasing your clothes, fold jumpers, jeans, shirts, and so by folding them into thirds before you start putting them away.


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