DIY Chicken Wire Craft Ideas for Unique Decor

Chicken Wire Craft Ideas

Chicken wire has been used by people for different reasons. From being used in chicken coops to making baskets, this seemingly basic pieces of metal wires can be useful for crafts and creative projects. In fact, they’re not exactly limited for chickens only! Believe it or not, some have come up with chicken wire craft ideas to use these pieces for home decorating.

Yes, that’s right. If you’re adventurous regarding your home decor, you could use it to add accent to your home. It also has decorative purposes. The chicken wire craft ideas below could inspire you to start taking advantage of chicken wires for your home and garden. These wires can help you save money for decorations. Believe us, they’re not as “industrial” as you might think. In fact, if you are courageous enough to try them for your home, your guests would most likely be talking about them for months in the best way possible.

Breathe new life to your home, here are some of the best home decor projects that use these metal wires. Why don’t you give some of these chicken wire craft ideas a try?

The Best DIY Chicken Wire Craft Ideas

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Fruit or vegetable holder

Fruit or Vegetable Holder

Make a useful fruit or vegetable basket that you can hang over your kitchen table or a counter.

Candle lantern

Candle Lantern

Candle lanterns are a great way to add a bit of ambiance for inside the house or by the porch for those deep meaningful conversations with family or friends. The chicken wire lantern actually looks pretty good.

Custom lampshade

Custom Lampshade

Make a fun lamp with painted chicken wire. It’s unique and adds character to your room.

Fill-in for old picture frames

Fill-in for Old Picture Frames

Chicken wire inside old picture frames create endless possibilities like dream boards and accessory organizers or even clocks!

Floral decoration

Floral Decoration

Some chicken wire and planted flowers can make a beautiful wall decor, perfect for adding a bit of freshness to your home.

Jars with chicken wire

Jars with Chicken Wire

As shown earlier, jars wrapped with chicken wire can make a great decorative piece. If you’re not a fan of candles, opt for filling it up with decorative stones, sand, or seashells!

Pendant lights

Pendant Lights

Cut the cost on expensive pendant lights and just make your own with the help of a bit of chicken wire! If done right, it will look great over your dining table or hallway.

Chicken wire centerpiece

Chicken Wire Centerpiece

Chicken wires make for a great centerpiece for the kitchen or the dining room. An attractive centerpiece could be the ice breaker when your guests come in for dinner, so don’t shy away from unique, nonconventional decor.

Chicken wire basket

Chicken Wire Basket

One of the easiest chicken wire craft ideas, this DIY project is great for kitchens but can also be used in kids rooms or your office as a decorative wastebasket. Warning, though, don’t throw liquids in unless your trash bag is secured.

Decorative animals for your yard

Decorative Animals

Chicken wires are great for creating decorative animals for your garden. In fact, you can even use them as base for when you have plant sculptures. The fun part? You can use the chicken wire to create a chicken.

Decorative heart-shaped decors

Decorative Heart-Shaped Decors

Show some love with this decorative heart, which is always great for adding warmth and coziness in the home. Add some decorative stones and pine cones, and you have an automatic conversation starter.

Wire basket for flower pots

Wire Basket for Flower Pots

This is a project for your porch or decorative plant displays. The chicken wire adds a bit of uniqueness to the flower pot.

Candle cover

Candle Cover

Chicken wire can double as a decorative cover for candles and a safety device for children to keep their hands off the flame. Just make sure the wire is big enough for it to be a safe distance away from the candle.

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