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20 Spectacular Bamboo-Themed Living Rooms for a Nature-Friendly Home

Bamboo-themed living rooms

A bamboo-themed living room brings a feeling of serenity for homeowners and guests. Bamboo is a quick way to incorporate Asian designs into your personal space. If you have been looking for inspiration on how to use bamboo in your living room, then you have come to the right place. This article features twenty charming bamboo-themed living rooms that will not only give you ideas for redecorating your place but will also get you excited to start your next home project.

Lovely Bamboo-Themed Living Rooms That Bring Out the Wonder of Nature

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1. Beverly Hills Project

Living Rooms

Though the design of this living room is predominantly rustic, the bamboo painting on the mantle gives it the slightest touch of East Asian aesthetic. The bamboo pole looks like it was painted directly on the tile.

2. California Cottage

Tropical Living Room Decor

From the unique bamboo coffee table to the coconut tree painting, it is clear that the designer was going for a tropical feel for this living room.

3. Captiva Bayside Residence

Living Room Design

The living room chairs made of bamboo and rattan complement the mint green designs of the cushion and walls.

4. Diamond Head Renovation

Asian Inspired Living Room

Even though the wall decors steal the show in this living room, the bamboo tree and the whole look of the room makes you feel like you’re being transported to East Asia.

5. Green Lines

Archaic Design Ideas

The small and cute bamboo poles in the middle of the table go harmoniously with the modern design of the room.

6. Haena Interiors

Haena Interiors

Definitely one of the most astonishing bamboo-themed living rooms, this masterpiece looks like extra homey thanks to the eye-catching woodwork on the ceiling and floor.

7. India Mediterranean Living Room

India Mediterranean Living Room

The bamboo seats in this living room are perfectly positioned beside the rattan sofa.

8. Indian Valley Road

Indian Valley Road

The entire room looks like it was inspired by Victorian-era designs, but the added touch brought by the two bamboo poles balances the whole look.

9. Key Largo

Living room-Interior Design

Bamboo is used for several furniture pieces in this room, including the chairs, coffee table, and lamp!

10. Lake Calhoun Condo

Minneapolis Asian Inspired Living Room

Thin bamboo poles look absolutely gorgeous bundled together on one corner of the room.

11. Miami Asian Living Room

Miami Asian Living Room

The furniture in this room are simple enough to let the polished and painted bamboo poles on the right stand out.

12. Miller Ave

Miller Ave

The adorable coffee table at the center of the room is certainly a scene-stealer.

13. Modern Living with Golden Gleam

Modern Living with Golden Gleam

The sun-themed mirrors on the wall go well with the contemporary designs of the furniture.

14. New York Tropical Living Room

Tropical Woody Bamboos

This is not your average New York living space! But it definitely is one of the most unique ones out there thanks to the stunning bamboo ceiling.

15. Open Air Living in Bali

Bamboo House Designs

This living room area in Bali is absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect place to unwind in this popular tropical destination.

16. Room Inspirations

Bamboo Decor

The bamboo ladder adds a nice modern touch to this living room.

17. Scott Formby, Holiday House Hamptons

Living Room Bamboo Tree

A living room does not need to be extravagant. You can opt for a small and cute guest receiving area that is perfect for the family as well.

18. Tybee Beach House

Hang Out Spot for Kids at Home

The living area of this beach house is both homey and pleasant.

19. Wailua Home

Wailua Home

The painting in this room only adds to its elegance and class.

20. Wellesley Pool House

Bamboo Furniture

A simple bamboo chair set is positioned on the corner of this living room. It creates a nice relaxing area for house guests.

Hopefully, you have found your bamboo dream design on this list of equally elegant bamboo-themed living rooms. Bamboo is an affordable and easy material to work with, you can even grow your own plantation in your backyard! All it takes is a little research on how to make them grow strong and healthy. You might want to consider the conditions you are growing them as well. Every bamboo specie is unique, but you’ll be able to get the most out and maybe even create that home you’ve always been dreaming of.

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Bamboo Buildings from Around the World That Redefine Modern Architecture

Bamboo Buildings from Around the World

There are numerous bamboo buildings from around the world that have withstood the test of time. This is because bamboo is one of the strongest plant-based building materials. Its naturally hollow structure allows it to have a strength factor two times stronger than solid wood. There are even bamboo species that are known to be stronger than steel. Bamboo is flexible as well, with numerous bamboo buildings around the world built to withstand winds that go faster than 170 mph.

Bamboo is also the largest member of the grass family that has countless uses. You can press, mold, flatten, slice, burn, or carve bamboo according to your liking. In Asian cuisine, the shoots of bamboo are used as a key ingredient for meals, allowing bamboo harvesters to make the most out of this amazing plant.

Countries with warmer climates like the Philippines are optimum environments for a majority of bamboo species. It is extremely fast-growing and can grow up to 3 inches per day in these conditions. For colder climates, particular regions with frost and snow, the Phyllostachys varieties are more ideal. This bamboo species can survive in temperatures as low as negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit, but do keep in mind that they tend to grow more slowly in these conditions.

As part of our bamboo series, here are popular bamboo buildings from around the world.

Top Bamboo Buildings from Around the World

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1. Bamboo Forest House in Taiwan by ROEWUarchitecture

Bamboo Forest House

Roewu architects from the United Kingdom completed the Bamboo Forest House back in 2008. It is designed to accommodate large groups and extended families, with a modern bamboo screen serving as an exterior.

2. Museo Nomada En El Zócalo by Simón Vélez

Simon Velez Bamboo

The structure was built in 2008 for the traveling photo exhibit of Gregory Colbert.

3. Bamboo Cathedrale in Pereira

Bamboo Cathedrale Bamboo Architecture

The roof is supported by five bent Guadua poles, each of which run from the ground to the roof. The slenderness of the bamboo was done by stiffening braces that prevent buckling.

4. Bamboo Bridge in China by Simón Vélez

Simon Velez Bamboo Architecture

Definitely one of the most attention-grabbing bamboo buildings from around the world, this bamboo bridge is located at the Crosswaters Ecolodge in China. It is a project by Colombian architect Simon Velez, who uses Guadua in construction.

Bamboo Construction Details

5. PGKL Architecture, Boarding School for the Deaf in Gradignan, France, by Pierre Goutti Karine Louilot Architectes

Pierre Goutti Karine Louilot Architectes

The boarding school for the deaf is a serene living place for young girls and boys suffering from this disability. The architects behind the building’s design aim to explore a special reflection of patterns and materials.

6. Ichibanya Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia, by DSA Architects

Bamboo Restaurant Design Ichibanya Restaurant by DSA Architects

The owner of the restaurant informed the architects his vision of creating an outdoor Japanese noodle restaurant. He requested that the design could be easily assembled and disassembled as he wished. Those requests were taken into consideration, so the design team decided to use bamboo as their main construction material due to its flexibility.

7. Bamboo Car Park, Leipzig Zoo, in Germany by Krahnstöver & Wolf Architects

Bamboo Car Park

The Leipzig Zoo hosts around 1.3 million visitors per year. In order to provide the zoo’s visitors with enough parking space, a competition was held for the design of the parking garage with an economical design concept. In the end, the designers who decided to go for bamboo to create this stunning facade emerged as the winner.

8. Carabanchel Social Housing in Madrid, Spain, by Foreign Office Architects

Carabanchel Social Housing in Madrid Carabanchel Housing

The site is a 100 x 45 parallelogram oriented north-south with an urban park located on the west. Each side of the building is provided with a 1.5 meter wide terrace along the full exterior. These terraces are enclosed with bamboo louvers mounted on folding frames that act as protection against sun exposure.

9. Bamboo House by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Casa De Bambu Costa Rica Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Architect and designer Benjamin Garcia Saxe built this bamboo house for his mother in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

10. Bamboo House in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Thailand Soe Ker Tie House

The most eye-catching piece in this home are the horizontal bamboo slices.

10. Yoka Sara International’s Kayu Aga in Bali

Yoka Sara International-Kayu Aga

The compound consists of a carports and three sleeping pavilions located in each of the four corners of the site. At the center is a two-story pavilion containing dinning and living room facilities and an elevated studio. The staircase connecting the second and first floor rises from an elliptical pond.

11. Smart House, China

Eco-Friendly Bamboo House with Solar Power

This eco-friendly bamboo house was designed by a team of student from Tongji University in Shanghai. The home operates with solar power in order to compete in the Europe Solar Decathlon Competition back in 2010.

12. Bamboo Structure Project, Iran, by Pouya Khazaeli Parsa

Bamboo Projects Bamboo Structure Project, Iran

Amazingly, unlike most of the bamboo buildings from around the world that has gained fame, this structure was created by nonprofessionals—in a matter of two days. Each of the cropped rice streams were wrapped together at the top of the structure and covered by overlapping it with another layer.

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The Evolution of the Bahay Kubo: The Native House Design of the Philippines

The Evolution of the Bahay Kubo

The nipa hut is considered as a national symbol of the Philippines. It comes in a variety of names that range from kamalig to the more popular term bahay kubo. It is often associated with the rural areas of the country, specifically highlighting the Austronesian cultures of the Philippines. The bahay kubo even inspired the widely popular folk song often sung in schools. In terms of tradition, it is used to symbolize bayanihan or the sense of community.

Nipa huts were made long before the Spanish colonial era, and they were designed to withstand the strong tropical winds during the monsoon season. As time went on, the native house design has transitioned from using bamboo plants to utilizing stones and pebbles to build what is locally called bahay na bato, which became prominent during the Spanish occupation. Today, designers from the Philippines and around the world have added a modern touch to the traditional bahay kubo. The examples below illustrate just how far this humble Filipino icon has gone.

Modern Native House Design of the Philippines

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Bamboo House Design

The Philippines encounters a wide array of climate changes, from harsh typhoons to heat waves. Building bahay kubo has become their way to protect themselves from nature’s wrath. It has been proven that the bahay kubo, having a sturdy foundation and support, is strong enough to withstand all this.

House Plan

There is no specific design for the bahay kubo; its style and construction is known to vary throughout the Philippines. Customarily, most bahay kubo are on stilts, and the living area is accessed by ladder. This naturally divides the house into three areas: the living area in the middle, the area below known as the silong, and the ceiling known locally as kisame.

Native Bamboo House

Native Bamboo House Design

Filipino architect Joven Ignacio advises owners of any bamboo living spaces to be culture-sensitive to the province or area they live in. “Culture of a people is very important . . . look at the behavioral patterns of the ones who will be living in it, the historical background of the family,” says Joven. “If your family grew up in Metro Manila, iba ang kultura, mas harassed, yung nasa labas ng Metro Manila, medyo laidback.

Native House

Native House Design

Native House Design Philippines

Simple Bamboo House

The walls of nipa hut’s living area are typically made of light materials. The thatched roof is often constructed out of nipa, anahaw, or other local plants. 

Simple Bamboo House Design

Simple House Design Made in Bamboo


Small Bamboo House Design

If you wish to construct a nipa hut for you and your family, always consider the materials used as well as the area where you plan to put up the home. 

Small Native House Design

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Running Out of Ideas for Home Decor? Here are 21 Quick and Easy DIY Projects Using Bamboo

DIY Projects Using Bamboo

Decorating your home with natural elements will breathe new life into your personal living space. Even if your home is more on the contemporary side, it is never too late to play with natural materials to turn an uninspiring nook or cranny into an aesthetically pleasing corner.

For those looking forward to decorating their homes with natural elements, you should know that wood isn’t the only option out there. Decorating and building your dream home using bamboo has long proven to be a good idea as bamboo is eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable. The exotic look of bamboo is also perfect for creating an Asian-inspired space. In the Philippines, you can purchase bamboo at a low price from reliable sellers. You can choose from a variety of species that are perfect for outdoor and indoor decorations. So without further ado, check out the gallery of DIY projects using bamboo below.

21 DIY Projects Using Bamboo That You Can Follow

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1. Bamboo can be used as a flower planter. The best thing about bamboo is that it does not require additional planting and can easily be shaped according to your preference—this is one of the main reasons there are a lot of DIY projects using bamboo sprouting everywhere.

Bamboo Planters

2. Plant trellis are great garden decorations if you have an overabundance of vines.

Bamboo Plant Trellis

3. When it comes to DIY projects using bamboo, you gotta be creative. Let your imagination loose by creating a garden gate similar to this mountain/sun design below.

Outdoor Artwork on a Garden Gate

4. This bamboo gutter is cheaper than purchasing one in hardware stores, but be warned that they can be less durable than conventional gutters.

Bamboo Made Gutter

5. Wind chimes are decorative pieces that can liven up any home. Instead of going for the traditional ceramic wind chimes, how about making your own bamboo?

Bamboo Hand Crafted Wind Chime

6. These tall bamboo trees serve as an extra layer of privacy for your backyard.

Bamboo Garden Design Ideas

7. Aside from privacy screens, you can also use bamboo to hold outdoor lighting.

Sweet Outdoor Lighting

8. Make yourself an outdoor shower! Imagine how relaxing it is to bathe in the comfort of your own backyard. With bamboo, you can create a stunning privacy screen for your shower.

Bamboo Outdoor Shower

9. Bamboo garden design ideas are a trend now. You can easily repaint and polish bamboo to create hanging planters like the photo below.

Balcony Garden Decoration Ideas

10. If you are feeling extra crafty, then why not create this adorable garden bench?

Bamboo Garden Bench

11. For indoor decors, you may use bamboo as a rustic decoration for your bathroom wall.

Bamboo Decoration for Bathroom Wall

12. Garden’s don’t necessarily have to be in the ground. You can create a stunning suspended garden that is guaranteed to capture your guests’ attention with bamboo.

Miniature Bamboo Home

13. For a more subtle bamboo project, you can make a photo frame using this eco-friendly material.

DIY Bamboo Photo Frame

14. Bamboo is the perfect material to build a gate that leads to your courtyard.

Bamboo Courtyard Gate

15. A lovely towel dryer that will fit right in your bathroom.

Bamboo Blanket Ladder

16. In classic Feng Shui, moving water is perceived as the flow of life. By combining fountains with bamboo, you can constrict a place of pure zen.

Bamboo Cascading Fountain

17. Constructing a bamboo tipi will take less than a minute.

Bamboo Garden Teepee

18. These bamboo side railings are connected with a sturdy rope. It can be an awesome addition to your garden or courtyard.

Bamboo Fence

19. By bamboo living spaces, we don’t mean houses for humans only. Instead of purchasing one, you can make your own bird house too by using bamboo.

Bamboo Bird House

20. This headboard was made with two wooden sticks and a couple of bamboo poles.

DIY Ideas with Bamboo Sticks

21. A bamboo fence will help give your backyard privacy. Its durability can withstand strong winds and heavy rain.

Bamboo Fence Ideas

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Bring Goodness to Your Private Space: 15 Ideas for Home Decoration with Bamboo

Home Decoration with Bamboo

There is nothing like having a good rest in a peaceful abode. One of the best ways to create a place of solemnity and peace is to incorporate the serene elements of nature. Bamboo has developed from being a common garden plant to being a construction and design material used in a variety of homes. And now home decoration with bamboo has become a trend houseowners don’t ever want to leave behind.

If you want to learn more about bamboo home interior design or are just seeking new ways to make the most out of your bamboo, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find 15 inspiring ideas to decorate your home with bamboo.

Be One with Nature: 15 Ideas for Home Decoration with Bamboo

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1. A Bamboo Pergola for Your Outdoor Garden

Building your own pergola can become go from being a simple plan to a challenging project depending on your design. Bamboo is one of the easiest construction materials to work with, you can create a stunning pergola and position it anywhere in your yard by following the design below.

Bamboo House Interior Design

2. A Stylish Privacy Screen or Fence

Bamboo is an attractive plant to use for a privacy screen or hedge. It also happens to be one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, making it an easily accessible and inexpensive option for creating a privacy screen.

Interior Design

Bamboo Fence Design

3. A Bamboo Divider between a Master Bedroom and a Bathroom

The next two items will explore how you can create wall dividers out of bamboo. You can create different styles with various designs, sizes, and colors, anything that works according to your own preference.

Bamboo Inspired Decor

4. A Stunning Panel/Divider for a Bathroom Shower

Home decoration with bamboo isn’t for big rooms only. Your bathroom deserves that little touch-up too! And using bamboo to do it is nothing short of impressive.

Gorgeous Bamboo Divider Panel in Bathroom

5. Beautiful Bamboo Roofing

Bamboo is an eco-friendly way to create rooftops as well. Just make sure that the bamboo has proper support to hold it.

Bamboo Roofing

6. Elegant Bamboo Flooring

Alternatively, you can opt for bamboo flooring (or even both!). Bamboo is a natural surface-covering material that shares the properties of actual hardwood.

Kitchens with Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

7. Classy Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo furniture is durable enough to withstand everyday use. It is known to be far more resistant to damage than traditional hardwoods. For instance, it can take the beating from repeated knife use and still remain unscathed. On the other hand, the bamboo won’t end up damaging the knife blade compared to other woods.

Modern Ktchen

8. Unique Stair Railing with Bamboo inside Glass Walls

Contemporary Bedroom

9. A Wall Livened Up with a Bamboo Mirror Frame

Dining Room

10. Tropical Bamboo Lamps

For a tropical feel without needing to leave your own home!

Bamboo Lights

11. A Cool Bamboo Headboard

Give a drab bedroom an island-inspired upgrade with the help of a bamboo headboard. Bamboo bedroom ideas like this are perfect for your kids and would make a great concept to incorporate into your guest rooms and master bedrooms too.

Green and Brown Bedroom

12. Bamboo Blinds or Shades for the Windows

Dining Room Window Treatments

13. Bamboo Poles Converted into Vase Fillers

Bamboo Poles Decoration Ideas

14. Painted Bamboo Wall Art

Bamboo art began in Japan, making it a ubiquitous part of Japanese culture. Today, interior designers have incorporated bamboo into their overall layout, adding Asian flavor to modern homes.

Painting on Bamboo Stick

15. Bamboo Plant in a Water Feature

Bamboo Plant Garden

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Bamboo Building: Stunning Bamboo Structures from Around Asia

Bamboo Building

Bamboo is a construction material commonly associated with Asian culture and tradition. In most Asian countries, bamboo is used to create structures like suspension bridges, fences, and even houses. This fast-growing tree is known to be even stronger than oak, making them more than ideal for typhoon-prone countries like the Philippines.

Today, you’ll be taking a glimpse of the most stunning bamboo structures around Asia. Check out the photo gallery below.

“Magical” Bamboo Building: Making the Most Out of Earth’s Natural Treasures

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Mason Lane

Types of Bamboo

Mason Lane Farm Equipment Building, Goshen, Kentucky made from locally grown bamboo by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility

Mason Lane Farm Equipment Building by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

The structure above was built to hold hay and farm equipment, with the open lattice design intentionally done to allow the hay to dry.

Great Wall House

Great Bamboo Wall House

Great Wall House, China, by Kengo Kuma & Associates

The Great Wall House is a multi-dwelling project near Beijing. Part of the construction requirements was to make use of local materials, so the designers opted for the inexpensive bamboo.

Bamboo Building Great Wall House

Inside the Great Wall House, China

Inside the Great Bamboo Wall House

Bamboo ceilings, bamboo walls

The Great Wall Bamboo House

Dining room at the Great Wall Commune

The Great Wall Bamboo House, Dining room

The design of this bamboo building was inspired by the Great Wall itself, which lies straight ahead from the house. According to designer Kengo Kuma, “The Great Wall in the past partitioned off two cultures, but this Bamboo Wall would not only partition but also unite life and culture.”

Passive House

Passive House Karawitz Architecture

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture closed on the north side, open on the south

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture

Close-up of bamboo shutters by Karawitz Architecture.

Bamboo Construction

Green School

Green School Bali Architecture

Bamboo spiral – Green School by Ibuku.

The Green School is a large complex filled with stunning bamboo buildings. From the main center aptly named the Heart of the School to the Turtle Classroom, there is no shortage of wonder and awe in Bali’s Green School.

Bamboo spiral – Green School by Ibuku

Green Village

House Made of Bamboo Design

Green Village is a community of private bamboo living spaces made by the Ibuku Group. It is located on the Ayung River valley in Bali and serves as an extension of the Green School community. Each bamboo building in the area was made unique and custom-designed for their owners.

Bamboo Faucet & Wall at the Green Village

Black Bamboo walls at the Green Village, a planned community adjacent to the Green School.

Bamboo House Bali

A bamboo and canvas library with spinning oval door by Ibuku, Indonesia

Bamboo House Design

Bamboo walls made from the center slice (cross section) of giant bamboo by Ibuku

Bamboo Wall Panels In Bedroom Interior Design

Bamboo walls and ceiling beams

Bamboo Made House

Children’s Activity and Education Center on Koh Kood

Children’s Activity and Education Center on Koh Kood, Thailand

Building a Den Inside

Bamboo with printed paper backdrop. Kid’s Den by 24H Architects, Thailand.

Dutch architecture firm 24H teamed up with bamboo specialist Jörg Stamm for the project. The Kid’s Den, which serves as a centerpiece, is in the shape of a manta-ray and is made of local Thai bamboo.

The Kid’s Den

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