20 Clever Ideas to Personalize Your Door with Flowers

Personalize Entranceway Using Flowers

When people go to your house, the first thing they see would be your front door. The entrance way is visible from the street, so choosing how to style and decorate your front door area will require a lot of planning. There are many ways to do this, and one of the best is to personalize entranceway using flowers.

How You Can Personalize Entranceway Using Flowers

When guests walk up to your home, you want to give them a good impression. We’ve discussed a lot of these home improvement ideas in the first part of this article series, but here are more some ways you can decorate and personalize entranceway using flowers.

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Convert a bird bath into a planter

Bird Bath Planter

If bird baths are left empty, dried leaves make it their home, turning it into a garbage bin—only a little fancier. Why not make use of it as additional decoration for your doorway? Add a bunch of colorful flora and it will be good to go.

Create a flower tower

Flower Tower

Another good and eye-pleasing way to arrange flowers is to make them look like a tower of wonder. Colorful and complementary petals of the plant of your choice will surely make your entranceway creatively welcoming.

Repurpose a chair

Repurpose a Chair

Well, if everyone has grown tall and big enough to sit on once small chairs for kids, then why not let flowers have the space? Vine-like flora would look good with their long parts wrapped around the chair’s backrest.

DIY headboard flowerbed

DIY Headboard Flowerbed

These creative souls turned an old headboard into a flowerbed. This idea will have you killing two birds with one stone: you have successfully recycled an old material and have made your doorway a favor by beautifying it the colorful way.

Log flowerbed

Log Flowerbed

Logs are often remade into chairs, table support, and the small ones are sometimes turned into candle holders. But little do we know, these can be used to make flowerbeds too! Just like the one pictured above.

Make a brick flowerbed

Brick Flowerbed

If you don’t have logs at home, then maybe you have a few bricks left from the last room reconstruction you made. You can always use these to build flowerbeds right at the entranceway of your home so guests have something to look at before they enter your home.

Flowerbeds with light fixtures

Flowerbeds with Light Fixtures

To make your flowerbed and your doorway in general look more dreamy, adding light fixtures will do the magic.

Trellis flowerbed

Trellis Flowerbed

Trellis is often paired with vines. Being a framework of interwoven wood or metal pieces, it’s not really surprising. But here’s the thing: this architectural structure could be transformed into a stunning flowerbed too, which you can place right in front as another way to personalize entranceway using flowers.

Window planters

Window Planters

You don’t always have to add something and crowd your entranceway just to make it look better. The windows beside the front door just needs a little upgrade to make the whole area look more welcoming.

Woven basket flowerbed

Basket Flowerbed

If bricks and logs and trellis won’t work, worry not as woven flower baskets would be just as fine. Pick the right flowers to plant on it, something that will surely add personality not just to the entranceway but the whole house.

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