Ceiling Design Ideas to Add Elegance to Your Home: Part 4

Inspirational Ceiling Design

There are plenty of options available for those who want to have a classic “beam” look but do not have the structural support to make this happen. There is a way for bringing in such appeal—the best part being the amazing and inspirational ceiling design ideas below that blend in seamlessly with your home.

Inspirational Ceiling Design: Blend In and Stand Out

The gold leaf stardust mirror blending in with gold stencils adds depth to the ceiling of this elegant living room

Gold Leaf Stardust Mirror

The futuristic design of this aesthetic bedroom adds a “wow” factor to the space

Futuristic Design

Adding an artistic ceiling and statement chandelier to a room adds a lovely accent to an otherwise elegant but understated room

Artistic Ceiling and Statement Chandelier

This snazzy ceiling and modern fireplace adds a refined appeal to these interiors but probably works best in colder climates

Snazzy Ceiling and Modern Fireplace

The painted tile ceiling adds a bit of style and eccentricity to the tiny dining room

Painted Tile Ceiling

This paneled ceiling and colorful decor help create a roomy feel to this comfortable space

Paneled Ceiling and Colorful Decor

The East Coast–styled kitchen looks even more elegant with the varied ceiling and ergonomic lighting

East Coast–Styled Kitchen

Add warmth to the living room with this intricate ceiling design and warm, gentle tones that pull the room together

Intricate Ceiling Design

If you’ve seen great buildings and works of architecture, you know that a great ceiling makes a great look for the rest of the room as it lifts the visual appeal, giving a new perspective and aesthetic to the room. While your home could not have ceilings as intricate as that of the Sistine Chapel or even the Beast’s ballroom in Beauty and the Beast, at the end of the day, remember that it is all about style and balance.

More inspirational ceiling design suggestions can be found in the third part of this article series.

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