20 Condo Design Ideas to Inspire You

Latest Condo Design Ideas

Need more suggestions on what you can do to upgrade your space? Here are the latest condo design ideas you can get inspiration from for your next condo makeover. (In case you missed out our first part of this series)

Latest Condo Design Ideas Worth Taking Note Of

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11. White makes your space look wider

White Design

Got a narrow place? That’s not a problem with this one of the latest condo design ideas we’re sharing with you. Let the color white (walls and furniture) dominate your place to make it look much wider than it is.

12. A lighting trick for condos with low ceiling

Lighting Ideas

If your condo has a low ceiling, try adding a rope light behind a valance to make your place look higher at least in the center area. It would also help if you mount your flat TV screen on the wall.

13. Portable screens are space-saving and make a good decoration

Portable Screens

Space is limited in condos. To solve this problem, a portable screen should be used. If the screen has a nice design like this, it could also serve as a decoration and an added feature in your place.

14. Love seats are preferable over long sofas

Love Seats Arrangement

Another way to make a narrow place look wider is to use love seats instead of a long sofa and keep the footpath on one side. Make sure that you have enough space for people to pass through.

15. Embedded cabinetry maximizes space

Embedded Cabinet

If you have a thick wall, use an embedded cabinetry to make the most of the limited space you have. You can use it as seats in your dining area or as a storage area. Bright lights in the pathway can also help.

16. Glass windows and doors make a better choice

Glass Windows and Doors

For condos in high-rise buildings, glass windows or doors are highly recommended, assuming that there are no small children living with you. This is so you can have a clear view of your surroundings.

17. Two rooms in one

Two Rooms in One

Here’s one of the most well-loved latest condo design ideas, which gives owners a picture of how a modern living room that is also used as dining room should be designed.

18. Contemporary small living room idea

Small Living Room Idea

With such a limited speech, how you arrange your furniture in your condo is crucial. Most of the latest condo design ideas put this element into consideration. Like the one pictured above, be savvy about where you place the seats and your appliances.

19. Choice of accessories matters

Accessories Ideas

An example of latest condo design ideas with dark charcoal–colored floor, glass-based table tops, white leather sofa, and dining chairs. With the right choice of accessories, this condo is elegantly designed!

20. Choose stuff that complement each other

Stuff Arrangement Ideas

You will love this modern black spiral stairs. It does not distract the wood-like-color-dominated condo design. Plus the built-in cabinetry are just neat!

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