Home Decoration with Bamboo

Bring Goodness to Your Private Space: 15 Ideas for Home Decoration with Bamboo

There is nothing like having a good rest in a peaceful abode. One of the best ways to create a place of solemnity and peace is to incorporate the serene elements…

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Bring Good Feng Shui to Your Home

Bamboo Garden Ideas to Bring Out Good Feng Shui

Bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures for your living space. The secret to bringing out good feng shui with the use of bamboo is to position…

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Modern and Elegant Bamboo Living Spaces

Bamboo Living Spaces: A Touch of Modern Elegance

If you have traveled to countries in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, you have probably noticed that a majority of homes are made of bamboo and nipa. Those who have…

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Stunning Bamboo House in Bali

This Stunning Bamboo House in Bali Will Take Your Breath Away

After leaving a successful job in New York, Elora Hardy rode a plane to Indonesia and never once looked back. Today, she is known as the head of a design team behind…

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