Bamboo Crafts for Home Designing

Simple and Sleek Bamboo Crafts for Home Designing

Bamboo is the perfect decorative piece that suits any home. It adds a natural element to any space and keeps the tone minimalist and sleek. If you are looking for…

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bamboo eco living room

20 Spectacular Bamboo-Themed Living Rooms for a Nature-Friendly Home

A bamboo-themed living room brings a feeling of serenity for homeowners and guests. Bamboo is a quick way to incorporate Asian designs into your personal space. If you have been…

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Bamboo Building

Bamboo Building: Stunning Bamboo Structures from Around Asia

Bamboo is a construction material commonly associated with Asian culture and tradition. In most Asian countries, bamboo is used to create structures like suspension bridges, fences, and even houses. This…

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Bamboo Fence Ideas

Bamboo Fence Ideas You Can Use for Your Dream Home

Bamboo fences are a wonderful way to add a layer of privacy to your dream home. Bamboo is a common building material used in Asia, mostly due to its strength…

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Bamboo Bedroom Ideas

20 Bamboo Bedroom Furniture, Flooring, and Wall Design Ideas

The bamboo designs that you usually see in photos or in mall displays are actually faux bamboo. Though bamboo is generally abundant in nature, many people choose to carve other types of…

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Building your Dream House Using Bamboo

Bamboo for Building Your Modern Dream Home

When the word “bamboo” pops into mind, images of zen spas, pandas, and all the beautiful things from the orient immediately come to mind. But nowadays, bamboo is used for…

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Home Interior Design

Bamboo-Themed Ideas for Your Home Interior Design

Looking for a certain design that you want to implement once you start building your dream home? Well, you might want to take these two factors into consideration: style and…

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Bamboo House Designs

Here’s Why You Should Start Considering Bamboo House Designs

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plant materials from around the world. In fact, scientists have discovered species of bamboo that are capable of growing up to 35 inches within…

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