Noche Buena Feast

Ever-Present Dishes in a Classic Noche Buena Feast

Christmas is always a fun time, even more so for Filipinos who start jamming to yuletide carols and hanging bright and colorful decors as early as September. Kids and adults…

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Filipino Christmas Carols

Kami Namamasko: Filipino Christmas Carols to Make the Holidays Even Livelier

Filipinos are known to be vibrant and lively in nature. During Christmas, their cheerful spirit is reflected in the abundance of colorful decorations around the house and the variety of food…

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Making Bibingka

Making Bibingka – A Christmas Treat for Filipino Churchgoers

Filipinos love their rice cakes, and the bibingka, another one of their favorites, is made from a certain rice dough called galapong, coconut milk (another rice cake staple ingredient), margarine, and…

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