How to Make Calamansi Whiskey Sour

Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Version of Calamansi Whiskey Sour

Calamansi is one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia. The Philippines, in particular, are known to mix this mini citrus fruit with almost everything. Filipinos sometimes used to…

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Bangus Sisig

Recipe for the Mouthwatering Bangus Sisig

The original sisig recipe is made from pig’s ears, cheeks, and snout with lots of onions and chilies. It’s one of the best-loved appetizers by the Filipinos and is served…

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Pinakbet Recipe

Special Pinakbet Recipe

Pinakbet is an original Ilocano dish so delicious that it concocted many versions from different areas in the country. What we have here is pinakbet recipe the Tagalog version. Scroll down…

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Pork Sinigang

Filipino Recipes: Mouthwatering Pork Sinigang

Pork sinigang, which is also called sinigang na baboy, is a soup dish popular for its sour taste. Although the most is the pork sinigang recipe, some use chicken, shrimp,…

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Suman Malagkit

Filipino Recipe: Suman Malagkit Added with Coconut Caramel Sauce

Have you tasted suman malagkit (rice cake) with latik (coconut caramel sauce)? It’s one of the most delectable suman you will ever get to taste! Scroll down for video Suman is…

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