Native House Designs in the Philippines

The Evolution of the Bahay Kubo: The Native House Design of the Philippines

The nipa hut is considered as a national symbol of the Philippines. It comes in a variety of names that range from kamalig to the more popular term bahay kubo. It…

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DIY Projects Using Bamboo

Running Out of Ideas for Home Decor? Here are 21 Quick and Easy DIY Projects Using Bamboo

Decorating your home with natural elements will breathe new life into your personal living space. Even if your home is more on the contemporary side, it is never too late to…

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Home Decoration with Bamboo

Bring Goodness to Your Private Space: 15 Ideas for Home Decoration with Bamboo

There is nothing like having a good rest in a peaceful abode. One of the best ways to create a place of solemnity and peace is to incorporate the serene elements…

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Bamboo Bedroom Ideas

20 Bamboo Bedroom Furniture, Flooring, and Wall Design Ideas

The bamboo designs that you usually see in photos or in mall displays are actually faux bamboo. Though bamboo is generally abundant in nature, many people choose to carve other types of…

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Bamboo Design Ideas

Bamboo Design Ideas You Can Use to Create a Resort-Inspired Space

Nature is abundant with the perennial flowering plant that is bamboo. As said in our past articles, Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, are overflowing with bamboo. So access to…

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Famous Bahay Kubo in Los Baños

A Lovely Modern Bahay Kubo in the Philippines

For centuries, the nipa hut or bahay kubo became a symbol of bayanihan (togetherness, unity) for Filipinos, especially for those who have resided in the rural area. The term literally means “cube…

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Modern and Elegant Bamboo Living Spaces

Bamboo Living Spaces: A Touch of Modern Elegance

If you have traveled to countries in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, you have probably noticed that a majority of homes are made of bamboo and nipa. Those who have…

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Why You Should Buy a Gazebo

If you have enough space in your backyard, why not add a gazebo? This perfect addition can enhance the overall view of your garden. In addition, it’s always nice to have somewhere to…

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Awesome DIY Projects

Awesome DIY Projects That You Should Do

There are so many things to learn about yourself and your creative streak when doing DIY crafts, and the best part is that if things go well, you can dwell…

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Inspirational Ceiling Design

Ceiling Design Ideas to Add Elegance to Your Home: Part 4

There are plenty of options available for those who want to have a classic “beam” look but do not have the structural support to make this happen. There is a…

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