Squid Sisig

Recipe for Sizzling Squid Sisig (Sisig Pusit)

The sinfully delicious taste of sisig has become so popular that it spawned several versions. The original components used for sisig recipe includes pig’s heads and innards, which are all cholesterol-laden…

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Chicken Macaroni Salad

Filipino Chicken Macaroni Salad Recipe

Chicken macaroni salad is one of the most sought-after appetizers online. Though it’s popular and delicious, it is rarely seen during ordinary days. Oftentimes, this special dish is served during…

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Pancit Bihon

Easy Pancit Bihon Recipe

Pancit bihon is a ubiquitous Filipino noodle dish next to rice. This food practically has become a constant part of every important occasion of our lives. During birthdays, it is usually served…

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Fish Tinapa

Fish Tinapa Recipe (Smoked Fish)

Tinapa refers to a method of preserving or cooking a fish through smoking. Any kind of fish can be made into a smoked fish, but it is bangus (milkfish) and galunggong…

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Inihaw na Isaw ng Baboy

Inihaw na Isaw ng Baboy (BBQ Pork Intestine)

Inihaw na isaw ng baboy is a grilled sliced pork intestine in bamboo skewers. This food is sold in the streets by vendors along with other bizarre Filipino foods like adidas…

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Lechon sa Hurno

Here’s How to Cook Lechon sa Hurno

Lechon sa hurno may have the word lechon in its name, but it’s actually different from the popular lechon dish you know. Well, both are roasted pork, the difference is that…

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nilasing hipon

Crispy Nilasing na Hipon (Fried Shrimp Marinated in Wine)

Nilasing na hipon or drunken shrimp is a crispy fried shrimp marinated in a cooking wine. It’s a popular pulutan and appetizer in the Philippines. While other shrimp dishes require…

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Kinilaw na Tuna

Simple and Easy Kinilaw na Tuna Recipe

Tuna kilawin or kinilaw na tuna is an appetizer dish popular in the Philippines. Kinilaw, a regional cuisine originating from Visayas, is a food cooked without using a fire or…

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Fresh Seafood

Filipino Recipe: Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid)

One of the yummiest seafood dishes is grilled squid, especially if cooked fresh. Everyone loves it (or maybe except those who are allergic to it). It is easy to cook, you…

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Southern Luzon Cuisine

Regional Cuisines of Southern Luzon

After featuring the amazing cuisine of Northern Luzon earlier this month, it would be unfair if we don’t similarly highlight the delectable Southern Luzon cuisine, which is one of the…

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