Kitchen Design Trends That Can Increase Resale Value of Your Home

Kitchen Design Trends

Updating significantly increases the resale value of your house, so if you’re considering updating your kitchen and are searching for the best kitchen design trends out there, look no further than actual magazines and design Web sites. Sure there are a lot of inspiration from social media like Instagram and Pinterest, but as pretty as they are, you don’t want to run the risk of an over-designed space.

A lot of homeowners make this costly mistake, making it unlikely for you to see a return on your investment should you decide to put your home up on the market. Remember that just because something looks picture-perfect does not necessarily mean that the same style can work for your own home. Take out the guesswork and look for kitchen design ideas with the help of professionals and start with the details that you should pay attention to.

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Kitchen Design

This year, when it comes to the latest kitchen design trends, there is a shift toward minimal lines accented with warm and inviting elements. Think of raw materials and attention to decorative accents. Key word: accents. Before you go crazy on the details, remember that you should consider functionality first. Remember what you need in your kitchen, how big the space is, and what kind of storage you might need. Think of things like creating concealed storage and pull-out pantries to maximize space.

In picking a specific style, consider how your taste might translate to the resale value. For instance, not everyone loves a quirky, ’50s-like kitchen, so if you’re thinking of reselling your house, go for neutral lines instead. White kitchen doesn’t go out of style, so stone counter in grey, sand, or charcoal will always look good. If you think a white kitchen is too boring, add timber elements or subtle grey tones instead.

Kitchen Design Trends to Try This Year

Handle-less, streamlined cabinetry

Handle-Less, Streamlined Cabinetry

Handles are not exactly the most modern of cabinets; besides, they tend to hurt if you bump into them in the frenzy of busy kitchen. You can opt for a push-to-close cupboard system or a finger-pull detail to create a more streamlined look.


Kitchen Appliances

Following a handle-less design, integrate appliances into your kitchen design. Think of concealing your dishwasher system and fridge behind cabinets. This is especially useful in seamless incorporation of the kitchen to living areas in open-plan spaces.

Pendant lights

Pendant Lights

Forget large, generic fluorescent lights. Pendants over large kitchen islands tend to create a visual interest, so it can allow your personality and style to shine through.

Undermount sinks

Undermount Sinks

An undermount kitchen sink can help create an elegant, more put-together look for the space.

Marble splashbacks

Marble Splashbacks

Marble counter tops and kitchen islands can be pretty expensive, but splash backs are affordable alternatives. There is a variety of styles available, from simple slabs to marbled tiles in scalloped, subway, or even hexagon patterns. This is especially great if you’re cutting back on costs without compromising your style.


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