#WhenWithFilipinos Moments Everyone Loves to Experience

Tourism Department's New Campaign

“When you’re with Filipinos, you’re with family”—this is what the Tourism Department’s new campaign wants to relay to everyone wishing to know who Filipinos really are.

The Philippines’s Tourism Department new campaign ad to promote the country’s tourism is out. It’s more like an extension or an explanation rather than a replacement of the 2012 Tourism campaign ad, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

In a press conference, Department of Tourism chief Wanda Teo explains the rationale behind the Tourism Department’s new campaign slogan. She pointed out that our beaches, shopping malls, and restaurants are not our main tourism selling points as other countries also have these types of tourists attractions. According to Teo, it is the Filipinos themselves who make the visitors experience unforgettable. It’s because of our unique Filipino traits that make it more fun in the Philippines.

Tourism Department’s New Campaign Tagline Is On Point

The Tourism Department’s new campaign ad video features foreign traveler Jack Ellis as he experiences firsthand the Filipino hospitality. In the video, Ellis is busy admiring the beautiful surroundings and watching a fish feeding activity when offered food by a woman while who is having a picnic with her grandchildren.

In the video, Ellis is busy admiring the beautiful surroundings and watching a fish feeding activity when a woman who is having a picnic with her grandchildren offered him food saying, “The fish are eating, so should you, anak.”

Below are top ten #WhenWithFilipinos moments tourists and locals alike will definitely love to experience.

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Sleeping in the middle of nowhere

When with Filipinos

#WhenWithFilipinos, sleeping on a hammock in between trees in the wilderness sounds fun.

Discovering greater depths

Underwater Diving

#WhenWithFilipinos, you will be able to enjoy better the view down under.

Conquering new heights

Mountain Climbing

#WhenWithFilipinos, climbing a mountain is easier.

Watching the sunrise

Sunrise Watching

Because #WhenWithFilipinos, witnessing a view as lovely as the sunrise is one of the most beautiful things to do.

Taking risks

Adventure Ride

#WhenWithFilipinos, your adventurous side will be unleashed.

Satisfying food cravings

Filipino Foods

Because #WhenWithFilipinos, eating is more enjoyable and satisfying.

Chilling around like it’s your home away from home

Island Camping

Because #WhenWithFilipinos, they will make you feel at home.

Going on endless adventures

River Trekking

Because #WhenWithFilipinos, everywhere you go is an adventure.

Surfing the waves

Riding the Waves

Because #WhenWithFilipinos, you can learn how to race with the waves.

Stargazing at night

Billion Star Hotel

#WhenWithFilipinos, to have the best view at night doesn’t have to be at the roof decks of expensive hotels.

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