10 Asian-Inspired Home Design Tips and Ideas

Asian-Inspired Home Design Tips

Asian style is finding its way into modern home designs in the Western world. You can see little touches of Zen and chinoiserie in these top ten Asian-inspired spaces that will have you longing for your own place of peace and tranquility. Read on to know the best Asian-inspired home design tips you can definitely use when it’s time for you to give your own house that much-wanted makeover.

Top Asian-Inspired Home Design Tips

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1. Cultural Flair

Cultural Flair

Modern homes can mix traditional and Asian elements into the design to come up with an elegant but eclectic look. The porcelain pieces in the room go well with the cobalt blue of the walls. These oriental blue and white porcelain pieces of art were made in China beginning in the fourteenth century. By the seventeenth century they had become very popular in homes across Europe. The porcelain pieces and bamboo window treatment add familiar Asian elements, and the end result is a room with great cultural flair.

2. Modern Chinoiserie

Modern Chinoiserie

Asian-inspired home design tips have it that for a more elegant, European style decor, you can add chinoiserie furniture or textiles. Chinoiserie is a French term that means “Chinese-esque.” Started in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when the East was popular in Europe, the French found a way to add a level of sophistication with their own Chinese-inspired designs.  In the photo, the most notable piece of chinoiserie is the fireplace and mantel, which was purchased in Paris.

3. Feng Shui

Feng Shui

For centuries, the precise art of feng shui has been practiced in the Chinese culture. It is now being integrated into Western interior design. According to the principles of feng shui, everything has either a positive or negative energy. For a place to be balanced, these energies need to be harmonious and the layout of the place carefully planned.

For the room above, designer Marie Burgos used natural feng shui for this master bedroom. Burgos has a lot of Asian-inspired home design tips for home owners, but she highly advises those who are in the middle of giving their house an upgrade to use a neutral color scheme, bamboo platform for the bed, and Japanese screens.

4. Tranquil Details

Tranquil Details

The calming tones of sage and beige combined with the modern and antique-inspired pieces in this room give it a subtle Asian design. The stone art of Chinese warriors are the centerpiece of the whole room design. There is a stone statue of Kuan Yin, which is a calm and comforting symbol of Buddhism. The statue adds a very strong Asian element to the space.

5. Japanese Design

Japanese Design

This Japanese garden looks very relaxing. A washitsu is a Japanese-style room that is characterized by its tatami floor and sliding doors. A small washitsu is great for small gatherings. The designer, Jamie Durie, added crushed quartz stone to represent the flow of energy in the space. The accent color red adds a nice pop of color in the otherwise neutral space.

6. Antiques


Wallpaper is making a comeback in room design, and this room design by HGTV fan LaDolfina shows how beautiful a chinoiseries silk screen mural can look in a powder room. Using wallpaper, you can get a high-quality look in your own home. The finishing touches of this room are the koi fish and antique mirror.

7. A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color

For the Japanese, red is a power color that symbolizes strong emotions like strength and passion. The color also represents the sun and is associated with life, energy, and vitality. The breakfast nook has a neutral color, but the red leather seat cushions stand out and make a bold statement. The addition of the cherry blossoms make it a very Japanese design. The cherry blossom can be found in East Asia and this plant is considered a symbol of life and good fortune.

8. Secluded Dining Space

Secluded Dining Space

This Japanese-inspired outdoor space is great for hosting dinner parties. A traditional Japanese table setting consists of chopsticks, chopsticks holder, rice bowl, soup bowl, and three flat side dishes.

9. Traditional Japanese Style

Traditional Japanese Style

In modern Japanese homes, you will find at least one tatami room. This is an example of a tatami room in a California home. Minimalist Japanese design can be seen in this room with its custom-made shoji screens. The chabudai is a short-legged dining table that is common in Japanese homes.

10. Modern Design

Modern Design

When we talk about Asian-inspired home design tips, it doesn’t always have to involve Japanese statues or Chinese decor. This is a modern Asian bathroom that is Asian-inspired because of the bamboo and the orchids. You can add an element of Asia with the material or colors that you choose. Even with the dark tiles and stainless steel, there is still something of a spa-like feel to this bathroom that emits a tranquil feeling common with Asian-inspired designs.

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