10 DIY Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

DIY Home Improvement Projects

For those who have some extra time this weekend, why not get out your tool box and try one of these weekend home improvement projects.

Social media can make anybody’s life look amazing, all they have to post are their fabulous meals and life hacks. The truth is, everyone wants their home to look modern and perfect, but most people are so busy working and living their life, they don’t have time to attend to all the fine details that would make their home just a little bit better. Below are home improvement ideas that would only take up part of your weekend.

DIY Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Don’t let your Saturdays and Sundays go to waste. Here are weekend home improvement projects you can do to make the most out of your spare time.

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Paint old hardware

One of the easiest, fastest, and cost-effective ways to update the look of your home is by using a fresh coat of paint. Homes bought in the early 2000s tend to have gold-colored fixtures, but the more modern style is to have bronze or nickel colored hardware, so why not paint over the old and instantly modernize your space?

Paint old hardware

Frame bathroom mirrors

Everyone has a basic mirror on their wall. If you want to change its look, create a frame around it. Even if that’s the only change you make, your bathroom will look so much better.

Frame bathroom mirrors

Have storage in your entryway

Mudrooms, a place to put your shoes before you enter the house, are becoming fashionable for house designs. You probably don’t have enough space to dedicate one whole room of your house to this, but you can add a small area in your entryway that will serve the same purpose. A simple mudroom can be made by adding hooks or shelves to a wall.

Storage Entryway

Jazz up your laundry room

Laundry rooms aren’t usually given much thought when it comes to interior decorating, but since you spend a lot of time washing your clothes, why not make the most of your space? Create a warm, welcoming space, and you won’t mind having plenty of washing to do. Use shelves to hold all your washing tools like fabric softener and detergent. Put them in decorative glass containers to add a touch of elegance.

laundry room

Change your doors

One quick way to freshen up your interiors is to use paint to change the color of your doors. You could also buy new doors and swap out the old ones, although that would require a bigger budget.

Classic Doors

Work on  your closet

Closet renovations are an exciting new trend. Taking inspiration from celebrity closets, many people are turning their personal closets into their own relaxing retreat. So you might want to do the same as one of your weekend home improvement projects. A little paint or wallpaper and new lighting can create a wonderful closet interior.

Classic Wardrobe

Go from basic to bold

Almost everyone has at least one full-length mirror. You can turn a basic mirror into something with a bold design by decorating it yourself. You’ll spend less than $100, so you can trust that this is one of those DIY weekend home improvement projects that will not break the bank.

basic to bold

Create a Lost and Found area for socks

There always seems to be a problem with missing socks. Don’t throw away the lone sock, instead place it on the Lost and Found corner until you locate its pair. If you lack the wall space, this Lost and Found area can be done using a box or basket in your laundry room.

Lost and Found area

Change your pantry door

A great pantry is very necessary for a fully functional household. It’s also another area that is always forgotten when designing the interior of a home. Changing the door of your pantry will jazz up the look of your kitchen without you having to spend a fortune.

Buy a beautiful door that will be a focal point in your kitchen redesign. If you do not have a pantry, you can do this DIY weekend project on your coat closet.

pantry door

Make a succulent terrarium

Having plants always brings something fresh to a home. Fake plants can look dreadful, but real plants make you shy away because they can be difficult to maintain. That is why succulents are great. They are sturdy plants that do not need much attention or water. Create a terrarium with a large glass bowl and you have a great table decoration you can place in any room of your house.

succulent terrarium

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