10 Favorite Childhood Snacks We Love to Munch On

10 Favorite Childhood Snacks We Love to Munch On

Ever had those times when you were waiting for your change after buying something at a sari-sari-store, then a group of kids would approach the store and start reciting the food items they want to buy, which usually included chichirya, candies, chocolates? Don’t those moments remind you of your own favorite childhood snacks back then? Then you realize that not much has changed. When you were their age, you wanted the same snacks too. (The only difference would probably be the price.)

For those who are at least three decades older, you’ll find that some of your favorite childhood snacks still exist today like bubble gums and flavored candies, although now under different brand names. Looking at these really brings back old happy memories, kind of nostalgic.

While we’re at it, here’s a list of everyone’s favorite childhood snacks. Check out if it includes some of your favorites too!

10 Favorite Childhood Snacks That You Probably Miss

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Bobot and Its Free Ring

Childhood Snacks

This sweet candy color-coated peanut snack was a favorite by little girls back then, not because it’s delicious, but because of the adorable little trinket attached to it.

Haw Flakes

Haw Flakes

This fruit-flavored disc candy is also popular back then. Little children who were not yet allowed to receive communion used to imagine this as the “body of Christ.”

Bubble Gumballs

Bubble Gumballs

This classic chewing gum remains a bestseller today just like before.


Mik-Mik Sweetened Powder

This favorite childhood snack proves that every child loves chocolate!

Orange Swits

Orange Swits

This gummy candy still exists today and still one of Filipinos’ favorite childhood snacks.

Pintoora and Yakee

Yakee and Pintoora

Pintoora and Yakee! are just another type of chewing gum.

Marie Biscuits

Marie Biscuit

Before Gerber puffs, there was Marie biscuit.

Curly Tops

Curly Tops

There are lots of chocolate brands these days, far more delicious than curly tops. But nothing evokes poignant memories more than eating your favorite childhood snacks.


Muncher Green Peas

Green peas chichirya was also popular back then—a snack for kids, a cheap pulutan for grown-ups.

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

Back then, sweet corn snack was available in small packs and was cheap that kids can just buy it out of their pocket. Now it’s packed in a fancy wrapper and at least 30 times more expensive than the old one.


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