10 Smart and Easy Remodeling Ideas on a Budget: Part 2

Smart and Easy Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

There are many ways you can upgrade your home without shelling out on new materials or hiring professional designer. While some of these helpful ways are already discussed in the previous article, we give you more remodeling ideas on a budget that will surely be of help to you.

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Clever Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

6. Add flower boxes

Add flower boxes

It’s been proven so many times, flowers can make anything look better. If you add window boxes to your home, it can turn your exterior into something cozy at the same time eye-catching. A beautiful pop of color outside the widows can brighten your mornings.

7. Upgrade the mailbox

Upgrade the mailbox

The mailbox is hardly thought of as something you need to pay attention to, but it is probably one of the first things a passerby might notice about your home. It is time to let out the creative side of you and personalize your mailbox.

8. Create a walkway

Create a walkway

A few slabs of stone can make a difference. It can make your backyard more inviting and give it a professional landscaped look. Adding flowers and some slabs of rock can make the backyard look way better than it already is.

9. Add shutters

Add shutters

A small cottage look can be enhanced by adding planters and shutters. From boring and plain, you can create an exterior that is inviting and happy. If you want a nice vintage look or shabby chic look, adding shutters to the windows of your house can do the work without you spending a lot of money on new materials.

10. Use concrete stain

Use concrete stain

If you do not have the money to install outdoor tiles as these can really be expensive, you can just use concrete stain. In the above photo, they created faux grout lines by painting the concrete.

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