12 Delicious Filipino Foods You Absolutely Need to Try: Part 2

Delicious Filipino Foods

We’ve talked about six delicious Filipino foods in the first part of this series of articles. But the discussion doesn’t end with just six as there are more foods worth sharing about. Get your taste buds ready for more of these tasty treats.

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Top Favorite and Totally Delicious Filipino Foods

Here are six more delicious Filipino foods you will definitely love.

7. Pork Adobo

Pork Adobo

What it is: braised pork belly
Why it’s awesome: this tender pork belly recipe is braised in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, oil, and bay leaves. It has that complex, delicious flavor that is drool-worthy. A real classic comfort food. Here’s a pork adobo recipe that you can try.

8. Chicken Bistek

Chicken Bistek

What it is: meat cooked in a sauce of soy and citrus

Why it’s awesome: tangy Asian marinade on your chicken with sauce to top off your rice.

Read our chicken adobo with bok choy recipe here.

Or you can also read our original Chicken Adobo Recipe here.

9. Chicharon


What it is: fried pork rinds
Why it’s awesome: because fried food is always delicious. Dip it in vinegar to complement the taste.

You can see our easy-to-follow Filipino style chicharon recipe.

10. Calamansi Whiskey Sour

Calamansi Whiskey Sour

What it is: a cocktail with Filipino lime

Why it’s awesome: alcohol makes things better, even whiskey. You’ll be addicted to this tangy cocktail.

11. Bibingka


What it is: sweet coconut cake

Why it’s awesome: rice flour and coconut cream: a traditional Filipino treat best enjoyed around Christmastime, but it is so delicious, you will want it year-round. Pro tip: eat it when it’s piping hot and have traditional cocoa drink to go with it.

Learn how to make bibingka here.

12. Sizzling Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig

What it is: pork parts (head, liver, and cheeks are often used) mixed with onions, chiles, citrus, and egg
Why it’s awesome: this is the ultimate food for pulutan, best enjoyed with beer with the gang. The pork is prepped in different ways—in this case, boiled then grilled—then served on a sizzling hot plate.

Read our famous pork sisig recipe here.

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