12 Delicious Filipino Foods You Absolutely Need to Try: Part 1

Must-Try Filipino Foods

Although mostly known for its heaven-like tourist destinations, the Philippines has a lot more to offer than just good places to spend a day in. Besides being globally recognized as the home to one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, this Asian country is also where you can find one of the best dishes. If you don’t have an idea yet which ones you should try, we listed down some of the must-try Filipino foods that have always been loved by the locals and tourists alike.

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Must-Try Filipino Foods You Need to Have a Taste Of

Here are just some of the many real Pinoy dishes you should definitely try.

1. Kare-Kare


What it is: Oxtail stew
Why it’s awesome: who would have thought that peanut butter will go well for your meat entree? You have to try it to believe it.

To learn how to cook this amazing dish, read our kare-kare recipe.



What it is: Unique dessert made with an unusual mix of ingredients
Why it’s awesome: The Halo-Halo is a mix of seemingly random ingredients that go together quite well, including shaved ice, sweet beans, fruit, tapioca, and ube ice cream. In case you’re wondering where the name is from, Halo-halo means “mix” in Tagalog, and that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do with it.

Try creating your own version of halo-halo using our halo-halo dessert recipe.

3. Lechon


What it is: Whole roasted pig
Why it’s awesome: It’s a whole roasted pig. Lechon is to Filipino Parties as turkey is to Thanksgiving dinners in the US. It’s also pretty massive, so it doubles as food and a scrumptious centerpiece. And if you think it’s too big for the dinner table, fear not, the leftovers are the next best thing.

If you want to make your own lechon but with a smaller portion, try our lechon belly recipe.

4. Biko


What it is: Sweet sticky rice

Why it’s awesome: Definitely one of the must-try Filipino foods, this creamy, easy-to-make dessert requires only a few ingredients but actually packs a lot of flavor. Biko is usually garnished with equally addictive latik, which is a cooked-down coconut milk or syrup. Learn it here: biko recipe.

5. Kaldereta


What it is: Hearty meat stew with potatoes, peppers, and liver sauce
Why it’s awesome: Goats. Do you eat goat? If you don’t, this is the perfect time to try. If you’re not too keen on eating goats, it can be substituted with beef or chicken, but trust us, the goat is the best.

You can learn how to cook this amazing dish using our beef kaldereta recipe here.

6. Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo

What it is: Thick and creamy porridge

Why it’s awesome: This is the one of the must-try Filipino foods and the best comfort food yet. Rice simmered with spices and aromatics, with some chicken, and topped with spring onions and fried garlic for that extra crunch.

Read our second part 12 Filipino Foods article.

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