15 Beach Chic Home Decorating Ideas to Bring the Beach to You

Beach Home Decorating Ideas

Beach-inspired decorating gives homes a laid-back setting, so you don’t have to be on a beachfront home to enjoy these interior designs. Considering that the Philippines is a tropical country anyway, you don’t have to defend your love for beach vibes. Here are some beach home decorating ideas you can check out.

Best Beach Home Decorating Ideas

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1. Open and airy spaces

Open and Airy Spaces

Light, linen curtains, and crisp, white slipcovers come together for a comfortable room worthy of coastal living.

2. Interesting color pairing

Interesting Color Pairing

All-white rooms make for a classic beachy look, so one of the best beach home decorating ideas involves adding a few pops of color here and there as accent pieces.

3. Shell chandeliers

Shell Chandeliers

Cascading oyster shell chandeliers add a more sophisticated style for your tropical beach home.

4. Beach dining

Beach Dining

Rattan furniture are a staple in tropical environment, and they add a tropical touch to your home. These are comfy and perfect for casual dining rooms with beautiful views.

5. Quirky designs

Quirky Designs

Tropical lifestyle calls for playful and relaxed spaces, so quirky designs and furniture make for a fun room. Take some common tropical elements like pineapple wallpaper and oversized basket pendants to add a punch to the space.

6. Creative wall coverings

Creative Wall Coverings

Walls covered in maritime maps and homemade minnow trap light fixtures are perfect for more intimate and personal spaces. Even flea market finds and wall coverings make for a totally stylish look.

7. Nautical blues

Nautical Blues

Crisp white walls are a great background for nautical blues, so wicker baskets and nautical pillows are all you need to lighten up your room.

8. Coastal meets Americana

Coastal Meets Americana

Red, white, and blue always look good together, and it doesn’t even have to look like a flag. If you do it right, the color combination can make for a more charming, rustic look.

9. Under the sea

Under the Sea

Not to be mistaken as “The Little Mermaid” song, this under-the-sea look creates a gallery with simple frames where you can switch out the artwork depending on the season. Drawings of starfish and jellies are perfect for the summer.

10. Mixed textures

Mixed Textures

Different fabrics yield relaxed atmosphere, so take advantage of them. Serene blue paintings also evoke visions of sea and sky. Add more textures by adding accents as well, for instance, twine balls add a touch of weathered texture.

11. Reflective display

Reflective Display

One of the best beach home design ideas suggests you decorate an entry or hall table with statement mirrors that could add personality to the space. Surround it with similarly-styled accessories.

12. Boathouse retreat

Boathouse Retreat

Why hide wood-slots? Remove the drywall and make use of your wood slats with a clean, cozy look—perfect for a guest bedroom. Add a vintage oar above the bed to give a more boathouse retreat feel.

13. From the seashore

From the Seashore

Swap out your mantel display for the summer to add new life in a room. White seashells and coral-inspired chandelier could certainly add a beachy charm to the living room.

14. Casual and chic

Casual and Chic

Plain wooden chairs could do with a bit of coastal upgrade with floor-length slipcovers. A sisal rug also adds an accent to this refreshing room, with a Paris street light chandelier adding a bit of a European flair.

15. Seaside luxury

Seaside Luxury

This cottage-inspired bathroom is refined yet simple with its mother of pearl sink and the beadboard wainscoting. Properly placed accents add just the right touch of design that can bring the beach right to you.

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