19 Practical Ways to Deal with Your Kids’ Toys

Organizing Kids' Toys

If you have a lot of kids in the house, cleaning up after them is challenging. As parents, the amount of clutter and disorganization you’ll have to face every time can be overwhelming. With those toys all over, there’s just so much to pick up and rearrange. But worry no more because today, we are here to give you the best tips for organizing kids’ toys and other clutter in the easiest way.

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Creative Ways of Organizing Kids’ Toys

Here are some of the most effective and artistic ways of organizing kids’ toys you can try doing at home.

Use a shelf for extra space for storage

Shelf Storage

Purchase pre-organized shelves for organization and decor

Pre-organized Shelves

Make use of shelves with built-in bottoms for extra space


Utilize a decorative ladder


Teach your children to sort their belongings

Sorted Toys

Different bins for each type of item makes for less clutter and you are also using that moment to teach them to clean up after themselves. This method of organizing kids’ toys will help not only you but your children as well when it comes to discipline.

Label their stuff

Labeled Toys

Try using shoe organizers for toys too and not just shoes

Shoe Organizers

A perfect way to also use your shoe organizers as part of your interior design.

Find creative ways to store action figures

Storage For Action Figures

Hide toys in drawers with wheels


Use up the wall space

Wall Space

Hang a stuffed animal net or hammock

Hammock and Net

Use corner shelves for small items

Corner shelves

Use see-through bins so you know what’s inside

See-Through Bins

Keep books in spice racks

Spice Racks

Place magnet boards in your child’s room

Magnet Board

Teach them to park their ride

Parking Kids' Rides

Place puzzle pieces in clear plastic bags and keep them in a bin

Puzzle Pieces

Hang an organizer off the bed


Don’t forget to organize bath toys too

Bath Toys


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