Hottest Home Trends for 2018 That You Should Definitely Try

Interior Design Trends 2018

The year 2018 is officially here! And with the new year comes new trends and styles to try out. Recently, Pantone named ultra violet as 2018’s color of the year and we got decorating ideas for you. But other than the luxe velvet shade that is sure to take over the world, there are other 2018 home trends you ought to try out. So after making it your new year’s resolution to give your home a fresh, new look, browse through the list below to get creative.

2018 Home Trends to Help You Start the New Year Right

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Jewel Tones

Jewel Tone Interior Design
Country Living | Barker & Stonehouse

After Pantone named ultra violet as the color of the year, design firm Sherwin-Williams selected Oceanside SW 6496 on their end. The latter is a rich emerald green shade combined with a touch of sapphire. Now if there’s one thing that these two have in common, it’s definitely the fact that both colors share the same invigorating jewel tones.
Amp up your home by choosing sofas in a jewel-toned velvet, similar to the ones above by Barker and Stonehouse. If you aren’t willing to be that bold, then you can always choose to go subtle with a jewel-toned throw pillow instead.

Bulky Kitchen Cabinets

Heavily Cabineted Kitchens
Country Living | deVOL Kitchens

Heavy cabinetry adds a rustic feel to any home. You can instantly organize food, supplies, and other belongings inside cabinets. But instead of going for the typical stark-white kitchen cabinets, one of the most-followed 2018 home trends is to go for more muted shades such as grays, blues, and creams. Wood grain tones are a good option as well.


Brass Themed Bathroom
Country Living | One Kings Lane

Brass is making a wonderful comeback in 2018.  The metallic alloy has long been the material of choice for anyone looking to incorporate a “minimalistic” feel into their homes. Brass kitchen cabinets and living room furniture make wonderful and eye-catching features in any space. The same thing can be said for light fixtures such as the bathroom from One Kings Lane photographed above.


Wabi-Sabi Design
Country Living | Farmhouse Pottery

According to traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-Sabi is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. When applied to home design, it translates to handmade products such as pottery and rough linen lines.

Statement Storage Areas

Statement Storage
Country Living | Anthropologie

Even the smallest, most unassuming part of your home can be made beautiful too! In 2018, statement storage is poised to become a huge trend. So you can all say goodbye to the days when people sacrificed style for function. If you have ever found yourself inspired by statement storage pieces, try going for bookcase room dividers or minimalist clothing cabinets. The key to choosing the perfect storage piece is to know how much you’ll be needing the items you intend to store.

Shapely Furniture

Shapely Furniture
Country Living | CB2

Anyone who grew up in the ’70s knows that the decade was all about the groove. Groovy clothes, groovy attitudes, and yes, groovy architecture. Well, it definitely looks like curves and shapes are making a comeback in furniture design this year. This couch featured in CB2’s spring preview puts a modern spin on the trend.

Bold Floral Prints

Bold Floral Prints
Country Living | Anthropologie

Make your furniture the centerpiece of any room with bold, floral covers this year. The carefree, bohemian aura is a great way to add life to any room! As one of the best 2018 home trends, experts recommend that you juxtapose florals with organic textures and neutral palettes to add a touch of elegance to your space.

Black and White

Black and White Theme
Country Living | Target

You might be thinking, “Black and white? Not again!” Black-and-white is a color combination that has transcended the tests of time. With the many bold colors making a splash this year, it’s nice to have some way of offsetting all those striking styles. Black-and-white can be incorporated into homes in a variety of ways, even a set of linens will do. Take a cue from the photo above and snag some simple linens, such as these from Hearth & Hand and Magnolia kitchen towels from Target.

Startling Stone

Stone Material for Interior Design
Country Living | CB2

Natural stone applications are a great way to usher this trend into your home. Go for marble inlay in a modern, geometric pattern or choose a set of eye-catching stones, like the examples above from CB2’s latest collection. Other than marble, you can go for more bold materials such as onyx, agate, and alabaster.

Natural Accents

Natural Decorative Objects
Country Living | Etsy

It should come as no surprise that people are loving natural accents this year. People are easily drawn into anything that points to nature, so this is one of the 2018 home trends that are sure to stick around for a while. You don’t necessarily have to go all out when it comes to wood and earthy materials. Choose some subtle pieces such as this hand-turned wooden spice bowls by Etsy user Bolecraft.

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