30 Stunning Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Stunning Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Are you currently living in a tiny apartment? Many people do, either by choice or necessity. It can be tough living in a small, confined space, so take a look at these small apartment design ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Best Small Apartment Design Suggestions

Many people want to find ways to maximize the space in their homes, which is why this post was compiled. Space-saving furniture or furniture made for small apartments is a good thing for you to look out for when you’re shopping for your home. There is no specific way to design a small home or room, you basically just have to do what works for you. Painting the walls in a bright color and having hidden storage are just two tips we can offer.

Personalize the space by adding artwork and flowers to make your home cozy and have a comfortable vibe. Below are just some of the best small apartment design ideas. Use these photos to get inspired to redesign your living space.

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A Paris flat with a red-and-white theme

red-and-white theme

A red-and-white-themed space isn’t something you see every day, but that doesn’t mean it won’t look good. Just look at this small yet very cozy apartment.

Graphic wall details to make space come alive

Graphic wall

Having your own flat means having freedom to do anything you want with it, which also means you’re free to use any small apartment design you want. If you have something you’re particularly lined into, use it as an inspiration when designing your wall. Give it life and let the design reflect the real you.

An open-plan layout for the studio

open plan layout for the studio

An apartment that’s easy to navigate is an advantage. For a small studio, an arrangement that’s not too complicated will be a good choice.

This 21 m² layout looks spacious

21 m² layout

There are many ways you can make your apartment that has a limited space look bigger than it actually is, and it all relies on the right small apartment design you choose. Try this layout that makes your living room slash kitchen slash bedroom look spacious.

Wall storage and clear wall divider

Wall storage and clear wall divider

Choosing the right furniture is a key step in the process of designing your apartment. Like the one pictured above, choose one that will save you some space.

The apartment that has everything you need

All in One Apartment

Although not that big, your apartment should have everything that you will need to get by. Small apartment design that allows you to house all of your necessities is a big yes.

The bright pop of color accents for this loft

Bright pop of color accents

If you can’t win it with the area, win it with an amazing design. And most of the time, a great design needs a great color theme choice. This apartment would’ve looked too plain and boring, if it weren’t for the addition of some bright hues.

Cozy apartment with just the right amount of space

Cozy apartment

It is important for a flat to be as cozy as possible because, of course, the need for comfort is what we build and buy an abode for. This apartment (pictured) is obviously not that big, but with how the furniture are arranged, it definitely makes the owner feel like there’s no other place outside more comfortable than the corners of the loft.

This Barcelona apartment with great design solutions

Barcelona apartment

Even though the owner brought in a lot of things, this small apartment design magically makes the area look less crowded.

This apartment in Tel Aviv with a great built-in layout

Tel Aviv with a great built-in layout

Built-in furniture are great space-saving solutions, and with the right design solutions, you can make your small apartment look even more spacious.

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