4 Ways to Turn a Plain Condo into a Relaxing Home

Ways to Turn a Plain Condo into a Relaxing Home

There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes when stepping into a newly turned over condo unit. After investing your hard-earned pesos in a space that you can call your own, the next thing to do would be to give it a personal touch. Transforming your space into a cozy and welcoming abode that you have always dreamed of may be harder than you think. So when trying to decorate your condo unit, it’s best to have a design for plain condo that will suit your taste and fit your preset theme for your space. Here are a few tips.

Selecting the Best Design for Plain Condo

1. Be careful of ready-made furniture

Be careful of ready-made furniture

It’s easier and much more convenient to step into a store and pick out furniture, but having custom-made pieces can be better for your space. The regular furniture in stores aren’t designed for smaller spaces, but with custom-made piece, you can save space and have the design you want.

Above is an example of a custom-designed built-in cabinet for a 22 m² floor area. The cabinet uses one entire wall, but it is the pantry, closet, and shoe storage all in one.

2. Have a color in mind

Have a color in mind

You can change the color of your walls, since newly turned-over units are usually a basic white color. Natural shades or neutral shades paired with blue or green are great, if you want a tropical feel to your space.

3. Make your furniture work hard

Make your furniture work hard

Having a limited floor area will force you to create storage space wherever you can. When shopping for your furniture, look for pieces that can do double duty. Measure the area you want to furnish and make sure that your desired piece will fit perfectly.

In the above 48 m² unit, the furniture was customized so they could avoid a cluttered look. The living room can be changed around to accommodate guests.

4. Install a mini garden

mini garden

For those condo unit owners that have the luxury of balcony space, a great design for plain condo involves adding a mini garden. A vertical with herbs and indoor plants is very trendy now. Plants like the Boston fern and peace lilies will also help improve the air quality in your home.

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