5 Alternative Closet Design Solutions for Your Space

Closet Design Ideas

If you have a lot of clothes but not enough closet space, that leaves you with quite a dilemma as a homeowner. For those who are living with this problem, you have probably tried multiple times to find a solution for your storage needs. It’s hard to stop buying stuff you love and it’s also hard to let go of the items you no longer use, so why not try making space for all the new and old stuff to come together without looking cluttered. To do this, you don’t have to let go of a habit, you just need new closet design ideas that will help you come up with a space where you can keep all of your items always organized.

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Make the most of your space without adding bulky cabinets and drawers. Here are five closet design ideas that can help tame the clutter in your living space.

If you want an industrial and vintage look, you can do an open closet that is customized to your needs. Buy solid iron pipes in different lengths and thickness to create your closet. Have a carpenter install it on your wall.

A good tip would be to have two long parallel bars so you have two levels of clothing storage space. That way you can separate the things you wear frequently and the items that you seldom wear.

Creative Closet Design Ideas

Use a clothing rack

Clothing Rack

A clothes rack is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to store your clothes. Depending on the number of clothes you need to hand, you can take up one whole wall or just part of it. Since it’s out in the open, use uniform hangers for your clothes. Placing hats or scarves on its ends will add a decorative touch to the racks.

Use coat hooks


If you already have a cabinet then you just need more space for all your belongings. So create a mini corner for yourself by using wall-mounted shelves and coat hooks. Install the shelves on the wall and place several hooks underneath. You have the additional option to hang tension rods so you have extra hanging space.

Make your clothes look better by hanging them by color, and of course, do not leave the shelves empty. Place frames and other decorative items on top.

Use storage bins

Storage Bins

Canvas storage bins make great storage options.Even if you leave it out in the open, they still look good. Have a slim shelf with small cubes that fit the canvas bins. You can use this to store plenty of things like toys,clothes, or accessories.

Use wood with a natural finish

Wood Rack

Installing wooden bars on the wall will save on floor space and give a great minimalist look to  your space. In the photo above, the owner used nails as support, but you should use something more sturdy when hanging heavier items.

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