5 Designs That Add Personality to Your Doorways

5 Designs That Add Personality to Your Doorways

For people who love hosting, making sure that your home is neat and cozy and impressionable so as to ensure that people will feel welcomed when setting foot in the home. However, before you start working on styling nooks and hangout spots, remember that the entryway should also make a statement. It is for the same reason that one should put a lot of thoughts into design for doors.

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Interesting Design for Doors

It’s important to make an impact by decorating your front door. After all, a creative entryway can make your guests feel more welcome. Check out these unique design ideas:

Go for a monochromatic scheme

For a subtle but eye-catching look, go for a graphic print in a monochromatic scheme. Start with something simple like vertical stripes or a simple triangular pattern if you feel a bit adventurous.

Monochromatic Scheme Design

Experiment with dainty prints

Wooden doors are easy to decorate. You can just take a simple white paint and experiment with dainty prints like polka dots before going for a more elaborate design. It yields satisfying results if you start with something simple, and once you get more idea of what suits better, you try something more complicated.

Experiment with dainty prints

h3>Wear your pride

If you can’t decide on one single color, go for a rainbow-colored one and wear your pride! You can opt for your favorite shades or use a more cohesive palette using contrasting colors.

Wear your pride

h3>Embrace nature

Add a touch of greens by going for a tropical look. If you’re not into the color green, go for blooms and flowers instead.

Embrace nature

Decorate with decals

Bring a little world on your door. Think Chronicles of Narnia or something similar. There are a lot of wall decals for any style you want, so go elegant or crazy—the choice is yours.

Decorate with decals

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