Designer Tricks to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Stylish

Bedroom Design Ideas

Small bedrooms are cozy, but it can also be problematic, especially if it could get claustrophobic. Adding mirrors and decluttering could make it look bigger, yes, but there are other ways to maximize your floor area. Check out these creative bedroom design ideas you can incorporate into your own home.

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Inventive Bedroom Design Ideas

Emphasize width or height

Stylish Bedroom Trick

Not all bedrooms are made the same—others have higher ceilings, others have longer walls, and others practically look like boxes. But however your bedroom looks, it is important that you take advantage of your room’s features. Play with some patterns in order to draw your attention toward the height of the ceiling rather than the room’s size, or use stripes to create an illusion of height or width. Bedroom design ideas that make use of vertical stripes are great for a room with high ceilings. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, are great for longer walls.

You can use this trick with the help of wood paneling, preferably in white, striped wallpaper, or painted stripes.

Choose a light color palette

Designing a Bedroom

Lighter colors reflect light, so it is advisable that you give your room a fresh coat of paint in off-white to light-gray shade. Lighter neutrals for walls will also make your room look bigger.

An uncommon but effective trick includes painting your ceiling and trims the same color as your walls. This creates a seamless look that blurs the lines between wall and ceiling. Cool colors in light shades are also great to look at, but paint your trip and ceiling white. Floor materials, meanwhile, will look better with lighter shades of wood, if possible.

Reflect some light

Cozy Bedroom

Natural light can be streamed into a room with the help of sheer window treatments. Add a simple grommet or pleated block-out curtains in a neutral color. Install them directly below the ceiling and outside your window line so that you can draw them to the sides without blocking natural light. This creates the illusion of height for your wall and width for your windows.

Mirrors are also important. Place it directly beside or opposite of a window to reflect what’s outside so that it can add more depth to your bedroom.

Make use of hanging storage

Hanging Storage

Keep fewer things on the floor by making use of hanging furniture or fixtures. Hanging shelves for books and accessories, for instance, can emphasize height, while floating side tables with drawers, and wall lamps can also help maximize floor space.

Prioritize functionality

Tufted Daybed with Trundle

Measuring is essential when it comes to small rooms. You have to avoid bulky furniture pieces because they could take up too much space and be disproportionate of the size of your bedroom. One of the best bedroom design ideas suggests that you work with functional furniture, like a bed with drawers or a side table with storage to maximize space.

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