6 Suitable Kitchen Layouts for Filipino Homes

Best Kitchen Layouts for the Filipino Home

As Filipinos, we love food so much that it has become the highlight of every event we throw. It is for this reason that the kitchen is considered one of the most important areas in every Filipino home. This is the place where we create the most magical recipes our ancestors passed down to us.

We are sure that there’s only one reason as to why you are on this page. You might be consolidating some ideas for some hip, modern-vibe designs for your kitchen remodeling. Well, you are in luck since we are just about to bestow this idea book on you to help you find the right translation for your Filipino home kitchen layout.

Best Kitchen Designs for Filipino Homes

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1. Single-wall kitchen designs

Best Kitchen Designs
Filipino homes are usually small and cozy, that’s why linear kitchen designs are quite popular among Filipinos since it occupies smaller space. This design is often aligned against the wall to maximize space. If you live in a condominium or a studio with your family, this is one of the best kitchen designs for you!

2. The L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped Kitchen
Pretty much similar to the single-wall kitchen design but with the extra space to put your recipes on the kitchen top. This design is the favorite of mothers who are chefs by heart and love cooking but don’t have a big enough house for a more spacious kitchen. You can also try throwing some up-to-date trendy colors to come with your layout.

3.The u-shaped kitchen 

U-shaped Kitchen
If you have another family member that helps you out in cooking, this is definitely the design for you. The u-shaped kitchen design allows for enough space for more people to move around at the same time. So two or more family members can help you cook food for the entire kin. You can also utilize the other end of the kitchen for the dining table. Just place some chair around it and it’ll be good to go. Placing the food on the countertop after cooking is more convenient with this design.

4. The G-shaped kitchen 

G-shaped Kitchen
This design is actually quite popular and one of the best kitchen designs for Filipinos. This is an interesting option since most Filipino homes already allot a square room to be used for their kitchen. Just like the letter G, this kitchen design is shaped in a way that you have a small space you can use as the kitchen entrance and exit. If you want bigger space for those big casseroles and pans, the G-shaped kitchen will work best for you.

5. The island

The Island
Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can definitely incorporate the island design into it. This design puts a table at the very center of your kitchen space. This gives you extra storage and creates additional counter-top space. But the island kitchen design, in all its glory, is not the best style to settle for if you have a smaller house with a smaller kitchen space.

6. The linear kitchen design


If you’re the type to go for something simple and neat, the linear kitchen would make a great choice. With the linear design, you can arrange your stuff in one row on one side, which will really work well if there isn’t enough space in your house for the kitchen. This layout leaves enough space for the dining area on the opposite side.

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