Home Improvement: 20 Easy 60-Minute Fixes

Home Improvement

Making your space come alive can mean something as easy as rearranging furniture or giving a tiny touch up on the paint. Below are some easy home improvement fixes that will take just a little of your time.

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Simple Home Improvement Fixes

Put new paint in an old room

New Paint

If you want to have a bold color, paint only one wall in the room. By covering one wall, you save money and time. Having an accent wall is much better than having one very boldly colored room.

Change your faucet

Change Faucet

This is one of the most important home improvement fixes. Update the look of your counter by changing your faucet. If you have a wrench, you can easily install a new faucet by yourself. It’s really easy to do. Just switch off the main water supply, then unscrew the connections of the old faucet, then screw in your new faucet. If you add an aerator, you will also lower your water bill.

Clean your dryer ducts

dryer ducts

If you’ve noticed your dryer does not work as well as it used to, it could be because of lint buildup. The buildup will affect the efficiency of your machine and will also increase your risk of fire. It’s important to clean the dryer ducts by unplugging the machine and disconnecting the ducts. Use a vacuum to clean the inside of the ducts as well as you can.

Check your electric outlets

electric outlets

It’s important to check your electrical outlets. If you have children, make sure it’s childproof and cover the outlets and secure and loose wires. Do periodic checks of your outlets to make sure there are no overloaded circuits. Frayed cords need to be replaced immediately and any light switch that feels hot to the touch should be checked by an electrician.

Have raised flowerbeds

raised flowerbeds

By using eight-foot long pieces of lumber, screws, and construction adhesive, you can create your own raised flowerbed. While it can be considered one of the home improvement fixes that may need more than 30 minutes, it pays to have a something in your yard that may please guests. Less than an hour would be more than enough, you can have your own small garden with which you can let the creative side of you out.

Clean your pathways

Clean Pathways

Sidewalks, walkways, and driveways should be swept and cleaned. Wet leaves, mildew, and oil from the cars can create unsightly stains. These eyesores can easily be taken care of by using a power washer.

Change your hardware

Change Your Hardware

Once you have selected new doorknobs or cabinet handles, the installation will be as simple as using a screwdriver.

Degrime your house

Degrime your house

Use a pressure washer to clean the roof gutters. Aim and spray. The pressure washer can clean your gutters easily and the vinyl siding of your home.

Install weatherstripping

Install weatherstripping

Weatherstripping your home will make it more comfortable and your heating bill won’t be so high because the furnace doesn’t have to work as hard. Weatherstripping with adhesive is recommended for doors and windows that need to be opened during the season. For those windows that won’t be opened until spring or summer, you should consider using temporary weather seals that peels off when you no longer need it.

Change the furnace filter

furnace filter

To improve the air quality and the efficiency of the furnace, check the filter for dirt every month and change out the filter at least every three months. Installing a new filter will reduce the airborne dust particles going around in the air ducts. If you have allergies, it would be wise to invest in a better filter.

Learn more simple home improvement fixes in the second part of this article.

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