Home Improvement: 20 Easy 60-Minute Fixes

20 Easy 60-Minute Fixes

Need more tips on how you can solve the little problems you have at home and revamp your house a bit? Here are 60-minute home improvement fixes you will sure be able to use. You can also read our first 10 home improvement.

60-Minute Home Improvement Fixes

Small gaps and cracks don’t need much time to fix. Let these 60-minute home improvement fixes guide you in solving that dilemma and giving your house that little upgrade it deserves.

Drain the Water Heater

Drain the Water Heater

The water in the pipes contains sediment that can collect at the bottom of your water heater. These particles build up and create an insulation that forces your heater to work harder when generating hot water. To deal with the sediment, drain a quart of water from your heater every three months or so. You can check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this.

Use a programmable thermostat

programmable thermostat

If your house still has the old-fashioned dial thermostat, it is time to upgrade to a switch. These programmable thermostats will allow you to automatically change the temperature in your home throughout the day. They are affordable and easy to install.

Change up your switch plate cover


The plain beige switch covers can be changed to something much more decorative. There are many that can be purchased online that have different colors and graphics. You can also do it yourself just by spray painting or decoupage.

Deep clean your rugs

Deep clean your rugs

You can rent a home shampooer and give your carpets a new lease on life. You simply have to move all the furniture and work from room to room. Most of these industrial machines can finish a room in twenty minutes or less. In one hour, you could have the clean carpets.

Use light dimmers

Use light dimmers

A soft and warm type of lighting screams “designer home.” You don’t need to change out all the lights in your home, you can instead just install dimmers in your existing lights.

Have a compost pile

compost pile

You can turn your left over food into a nutrient-rich meal for your garden plants by starting a compost pile. This will save you money on mulch and you won’t have to deal with harmful gardening chemicals. The soil in your garden will become much better for growing plants. If you don’t have a backyard, you can try using a plastic kitchen composter to give your houseplants the best dirt to help them grow.

Hang a chalkboard

Hang a chalkboard

You can buy chalkboard paint or chalkboard contact paper and turn any surface of your house into a write-on surface. You can be creative and leave notes for your children on the walls.

Use window film

Use window film

If you have windows with an unattractive view, why not cover it up with a film. These window films come in different patterns and colors.

Change a room with vinyl tiles

vinyl tiles

There’s not much 60-minute home improvement fixes that give much importance to the floor, but this one sure does. Yes, it’s just right to give your floors a makeover too and you can do it using peel and stick vinyl tiles. This is not your grandmother’s vinyl. They now come in patterns that look like stone, wood, or metal. It’s very easy to install and will give your room a fresh look.

Hush the squeaks

Hush the squeaks

Those that live in an older home know that doors and floors will squeak. For noisy door hinges, a little WD-40 can go a long way. If your wooden floors are creaking, use a little talcum powder and sweep it into the cracks.

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