Exotic Filipino Dishes That Match Well with Beer

Exotic Filipino Dishes

The tropical weather of the Philippines makes it an ideal place to just wind down and have a nice cold beer. Filipinos happen to be a big fan of pulutan or dishes that are best consumed with a bottle of beer. In big cities, drinkers usually purchase regular chips or sisig, but if you happen to be on the hunt for something more exotic, here are other exotic Filipino dishes you must try.

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Exotic Filipino Dishes That Make a Perfect ‘Pulutan’

1) Salawaki

These are fresh sea urchins that are staple in Southern parts of Cebu and even Siquijor. They are usually served with vinegar, toyo, or calamansi.

Sea Urchin


2) Kinilaw na Tamilok

Kinilaw is the the Filipino term for ceviche, and this version uses tamilok, a type of common woodworm. It happens to be a staple dish in Palawan and Aklan.

Kinilaw na Tamilok


3) Adobong Isaw

Isaw is a Filipino term for intestines. The dish adobong isaw uses cow’s or pig’s small intestines, and it is one of the most popular exotic Filipino dishes that are best eaten during drinking sessions.

Adobong Isaw


4) Grilled Isaw

Another way to serve isaw is to grill it. Grilled isaw is popular in local barbecue stands and is made from a pig’s large intestine.

Grilled Isaw


5) Adobong Salagubang

Salagubang or better known as the June beetle is usually served as an appetizer or as pulutan in Nueva Ecija, particularly in Cabanatuan City.

Adobong Salagubang


6) Deep-Fried Kamaru

Kamaru, or mole crickets, is a delicacy that is common around Pampanga. It is cooked as adobo and served either with rice or as a pulutan.

Deep-Fried Kamaru


7) Adobong Balut

Balut is undeniably one of the most popular exotic Filipino dishes. It is a developing duck embryo and is known for its nutritional benefits. While balut is usually served with just salt and vinegar, people actually prepare it as adobo.

Adobong Balut


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