7 Hottest Interior Design Trends This Year

If you’re looking to revamp your home, there are a few ideas that are a standout this year—from quirky prints to mixed metals to artisanal goods. Here are some of the hottest interior design trends for 2016 that you can try doing on your own.

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2016’s Top Interior Design Trends

Time to make some changes in your space and liven it up with these design ideas. Let this year’s most-talked interior design trends give you a hint on what you should do next.

Vibrant prints and patterns

From bed linens to curtains to tiles to even pottery, prints and patterns will make their mark in interior design this year. Whether geometric patterns or pretty, printed textiles like Guatemalan fabrics, add some color to your home with these and get creative. Just remember to balance them out with some neutral and block colors.

Minimalism—with a twist

If colors are not your thing, minimalism is probably the way for you. Designers do think, however, that there will be a bit of modification to them. Interiors should be designed to reflect the personality and individual interests of each person, so a pop of color or out-of-the-ordinary pieces should add accent to an otherwise modern, minimalist space.

Designing with Colors

For instance, add an elaborate chandelier or add some hanging light fixtures to add character and charm to your rooms. The way this gives you a way to add something that reflects your personality makes minimalism one of the best interior design trends.

Mixed metals

Have surfaces or pieces that have metallic sheen to it? Visibility of brass, copper, wood, and marble compounds are all making a comeback this year.

Wall art

Bland and boring walls are an eyesore. Get some great wall art with natural surfaces, geometric designs, metallic and matte patterns, or pastels—make a statement.

Mix the old and the new

Don’t be afraid to mix the old and the new things. Get modern furniture together with your antique pieces to make your interiors more eclectic and diverse. Showcasing different styles, themes, textures, and tones has always been one of the best interior design trends.

Designs Using Old and New

Artisan goods

Locally made and globally crafted goods are recommended this year. It is an encouragement for people to be more creative with the things that they put in their house, giving more character to the design and appealing to their personal tastes. Works of art from local or independent artists deserve some attention, and it’s about time they get that.

Artisan Goods

Lush vegetation

Indoor gardening is a thing, but bringing nature inside your home is even more popular than ever. Don’t limit yourself to plants, though. Nature-inspired wall décor and accessories, for instance, will be in demand.

Lush Vegetation

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