Design Tips: Small Kitchens with Bold Designs

Designs for Small Kitchen

It has been proven time and time again that small spaces can still be comfortable and efficient. While it is still surprising to see how one can make the most of a certain space, there are certain ways to carve out a respectable working place in a compact home unit. This would come especially convenient for those who want to have a bigger area for cooking and dining. This is why we prepared a list of creative designs for small kitchens.

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Creative Designs for Small Kitchens

Considered as one of the most important areas in a house, the kitchen is always going to be one of the busiest, but it’s also one of the places that need to look pretty, clean, and functional especially because it is one of the places that guests like to look at, especially if you serve good food.

Sprucing up space would be great, and here are some suggested designs for small kitchens that you will love.

Pick a modern color scheme

Modern Color Scheme

A modern minimalist color scheme painted a pretty picture as architect Jaii de Guzman decided to transform the hallway into a dining and kitchen area. To save space, he opted for a bar and bar stools, keeping it white and pristine to open up space and avoid a cramped look.

Hide unsightly views

Hide Unsightly Views

Going beyond a sleek finish, remember to hide unsightly views like beams and bare piping behind artfully positioned cabinetry. Not only do these cabinets serve as a way to hide less-than-flattering beams, but they also serve as storage space that you know is needed in every kitchen.

Break monotony

Break Monotony

Condos are usually small, so if you have a spacious kitchen that will allow you to install shelves and cabinets, you have to use them to your advantage. To further improve the overall look of your kitchen, also remember to break the monotony by incorporating rustic printed tiles as interior designer Jean Suzanne Sy did to break the monotony of her white walls. Add a few accent pieces with woven baskets and wooden shelves to add warmth.

Maximize space

Maximize Space

White tiles and industrial touches are common for condos, so add wooden elements to your cooking corner to make it extra cozy. Add a cabinet to maximize space and use it as a pantry so that you have a place to keep all your essentials and ingredients in place.

Embrace design

Embrace Design

Aluminum complements the usual industrial design that modern condos are known for. Use this to your advantage to keep in line with the theme of your condo and feature aluminum sheets in your kitchen.

Let the light shine through

light Shining Through

If you are lucky to have a kitchen with a window, maximize it by creating a classic country look by working with storage pieces and a wooden countertop. A bright and rustic kitchen will add a cozy feel to your condo, so welcome the light in.

Have fun with your space

Redesigning Space

A common trend in coffee shops these days are written menus in chalkboards. It’s fun and it’s an easy way to implement some art in the space. So who’s to say that you can’t apply it in your own home? Interior designer Kristine Neri-Magturo made sure that she had enough space in her kitchen for the essentials, but she also added chalkboard walls, which she can use to write down grocery lists. It’s quirky and fun, but most of all, it’s efficient, something that you aspire your kitchen to be.

Be efficient

Efficient Space

Not all condos can get to have large kitchens, so if you have a compact home, have cabinets and shelves for storage in your kitchen, but don’t be afraid to add a little flair for design. Spanish tiles and brass details can help your kitchen look stylish, but if you’re really short on space, don’t be afraid of dual uses—for instance, the prep counter in front of your sink can also double as a dining nook.

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