Affordable Christmas Decoration Ideas for Filipino Homes

Affordable Christmas Decoration Ideas

Nothing makes an already-merry Christmas merrier than sparkling Christmas decors. Every year, it’s as if every house were made up of flashy lights and colorful ornaments; and if Christmas were a competition, judges would have a hard time choosing a winner.

But truth be told, decorating your house can be costly. Aside from the decor, there’s the food, presents, and prizes for Christmas party games that can all take a chunk out of your budget. And for something that only comes once a year, you’ll find yourself thinking twice if it’s right for you to spend too much just to have that yuletide feels at home. But you see, decors shouldn’t be expensive. There are affordable Christmas decoration ideas you can incorporate into your home that won’t cost you a fortune. Here are some.

Simple and Affordable Christmas Decoration Ideas for Filipinos

There are ingenious ways to create a magical Christmas without hurting your wallet. Learn the following affordable Christmas decoration ideas and create decors that are as stunning but not as expensive as the holiday embellishes you see in stores.

1. Small Christmas trees

You see an enormous Christmas tree at the mall, decorated with all sorts of ornaments. But you check its price tag and you’re taken aback because it costs just as much as a whole year’s food consumption. So you go home with not one Christmas tree in sight in the backseat of your car.

But if you really want one in your house, you can settle for the smaller ones. Besides it being affordable, it can also maximize the area in your home and there’ll be enough space for other decors or more area for your family and friends to lounge around when they come over.

Also, to add a modern touch, you can buy two or three trees of different colors.

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Small Christmas Trees

2. Lights decor

When it comes to the design of Christmas displays, lighting is given the most importance. Lights always immediately turn a plain and boring display into a rather festive one. If you want an affordable Christmas decoration, always choose LED lights, as they do not consume a huge amount of energy and last longer than standard bulbs.

Lights Decor

3. Recyclable materials

Another one of the affordable Christmas decoration ideas is to use stuff that you can recycle and save for a different occasion. You can opt for red plastic flowers that you can display as coffee table flowers later on, or you can buy green and red throw pillows in the living area that you can use as a sleeping pillow when Christmas is over. Make sure that most of your Christmas decors, if not all, are still usable even after the holidays.

Recyclable Materials

4. Ornaments from last year’s display

If you buy high-quality decors, you get to use them more than once, pull them out every time the holiday season comes. Utilize those old decorations you hung last year, no one is going to notice it anyway. Modify how you arranged your lights or decorated your tree just so this year’s Christmas won’t look like a total carbon copy of he previous year’s. Unleash your creativity and use those old Christmas cards and display them on the shelves or stick them on the wall.

Ornaments Display

5. Handmade Christmas wreath

Always be creative with your Christmas wreath and do it yourself instead of buying a ready-made one from a store. Other than it being affordable, you get the chance to incorporate into it your own style. You can use recycled materials, old gift wrappers, unused ribbons, led lights, and even photos of your family and closest friends.

Handmade Christmas Wreath

6. Holiday candies and snacks

Hanging holiday treats is also one of the most affordable Christmas decoration ideas. It adds life to your display, and with it, you can make sure kids don’t go hungry as they wait for noche buena. You can arrange cookies, hang edible canes or candies on the tree, or fill a huge transparent jar with colorful treats.

Holiday Candies and Snacks

You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing display. Keep it simple, which you can do by hanging even the most modest Filipino Christmas decors. Let your artistic side loose and have fun integrating these affordable Christmas decoration ideas into your own holiday display.

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