Spectacular Tree Houses You’ll Want to Be Your Home

Spectacular Tree Houses Youll Want to Be Your Home

Oftentimes, people see tree houses as just a good area for children to play in, but what we do not know is that around the world, there are amazing tree houses that actually serve the same purpose as hotels, which means, yes, you can stay in them for as long as you want—like it’s your home.

Most Amazing Tree Houses in the World

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Check out these spectacular and uniquely built tree houses across the globe that are cozy enough for a good night’s sleep.

Keemala, Thailand

Tree Houses In Keemala Thailand As Hotels

In the middle of a secluded woodland in Phuket, you will find Kemala’s distinctly designed cottages and villas that blend in beautifully with nature. Of the four accommodations, the Tree Pool tree houses are easily the favorite. They look like giant lamps suspended in the middle of the jungle, after all, they are inspired by mythological clan of the We-Ha (Sky) people, who are believed to have built their houses hanging from the ground. Each of these amazing tree houses are situated far from each other, making it a quiet and private retreat that everyone wants.

Kemala promotes healthy living, which is evident in their cuisine. They mostly serve vegetables, herbs, and fruits grown within the resort’s garden. And when you are done admiring the natural views, you can avail yourself of their first class holistic treatments and therapies to sooth your mind, body, and spirit.

Visit Keemala’s website to get a reservation.

Post Ranch Inn, United States

Post Ranch Inn

Within the 100-acre Post Ranch Inn property in Big Sur, California, are seven triangular tree houses built using recycled red-wood materials nine feet above the forest floor in the trees. If there are tree houses for children, this one is for adult only (18 and above). Even pets are not allowed inside. Aside from the comfortable king size bed under a skylight for stargazing at night, the tree house–hotel also has indoor bathtub, wood burning furnace, and Wi-Fi among others.

Book your reservation with Post Ranch Inn.

Lost Meadow Treepod, Cornwall

Lost Meadow Treepod

This one-of-a-kind treehouse for grown-ups can be found on the farmland on the border of Bodmin Moor. These amazing tree houses, which are ball-shaped and made of recycled, eco-friendy materials, are suspended from the trees using tough cables. Access to it is through a narrow wooden staircase built on the side of the tree. The tree house, although not that large, is well-equipped. Inside you will see a camp-style kitchen, wood-burning fireplace, and a bathroom.

Want to book a reservation? Visit Lost Meadow website now.

Châteaux dans les Arbres, France

Châteaux dans les Arbres

This mini-châteaux looks actually more like an enchanted castle from a fairy tale instead of just beautifully made treehouses spread in the middle of Domaine de Puybéton estate. It can accommodate up to six guests. The Cabane Spa Puybeton is rustic looking while Cabane Milandes has wood design.

Visit Chateaux dans les Arbes website to know more.

Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses, New Zealand

Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses

The Hapuku Lodge has five tree houses accommodation. These amazing tree houses are perched on the canopy of homegrown Kanuka trees. It has the best views of the marine life-rich Pacific waters and snowy peaks of the Kaikoura Ranges.

Drop by Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses’ website to know more.

Treehotel, Sweden

Mirrorcube Tree House

In the forest nearby Lulea, Lapland, South of Artic Circle, you will find six remarkable structures more appropriately called tree houses or treehotels created by some of the country’s brilliant architects. There’s the Mirror Cube tree house and the Bird’s Nest with retractable staircase for those who want perfect solitude; both blend perfectly well with its surroundings. The quirkiest among the designs is the UFO-like tree house because of its out-of-this-world architecture.

Read more at Treehotel website.

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