This Is What Happens When American Kids Try Filipino Food for the First Time

This Is What Happens When American Kids Try Filipino Food for the First Time

A Filipino kid trying a food that is not originally Pinoy isn’t something new, and somehow, we’ve all gotten used to these types of dishes. But what do you think will happen when American kids try Filipino food especially some of the exotic ones?

“Wait, what? Pig’s blood?”

That’s one of the kids’ hilarious reactions when told that the food he had just eaten was made from pig’s blood.

American Kids Try Filipino Food and Here’s Their Reaction

In an episode of “American Kids Try” video series published by WatchCut, American kids try Filipino food such as dinuguan, dried fish, taho, and balut.

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American Kids Reaction

Food adventurous, foreign and locals, have tried bizarre Filipino foods in the past and shared their experience. Some people find the foods fascinating while others think it’s revolting. But nothing beats the reactions of the kids in the video. You know how kids are, they are honest to the bones. They will tell you how they feel straight to your face with no qualms.

American Kid

In the video, the youngsters were told to taste different cuisines and were asked what they thought of the foods. They expected to taste pizza and fried chicken but were disappointed to see it was far from their favorites.

One kid found the dried fish interesting while the others said it was gross. As for the dinuguan, sorry, folks, you may think it’s a delicious dish, but American kids try Filipino food for the first time said otherwise. One child even described it as what he thought it is without sugar-coating—a blended dirt. Now don’t be mad, the kid was just probably describing what it looked like and not how it tasted like (but of course, that’s their opinion).

Another funny reaction came from the boy in red who, after learning that the dish he just ate was made of pig’s blood, said, “Blood can’t be solid, it’s liquid. Sorry, I don’t believe you,”

So it’s a fresh of breath air when the adorable little boy in black sweater, despite feeling queasy sometimes, ate everything that was served before him. Not surprising really, after he said at one point that he’s a Filipino. Because in old-fashioned Filipino upbringing, you don’t have much choice, it’s either you eat whatever food is on the table or starve.

Same with the little girl who said, “I don’t know why, but it kind of tastes good,” after trying dinuguan. She actually knew—unconsciously—the reason behind it: her mom is a Filipino. “It reminds me of something my mom usually likes,” she added.

Another Filipino delicacy that the lively kids tasted was taho. It was fun watching their reactions.

However, the dish that garnered the most animated response was the “famous” balut, with the cute little boy saying, “Egg, I think? Does it hatch?” And guess what, he said he liked it! Adorable! Although, really, no one could be sure if the kids were telling the truth.

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