Farmbot: The Robot That Grows Vegetables for You

The Robot That Grows Vegetables

Not a lot of people are very conscious about learning food production, and even if they do know, not many have been gifted with green thumbs. In this highly urbanized world, fewer people about care where their food come from, thus the increase of obesity rates in the country.

Despite what many would have you think, you can actually grow your own produce in your urban home, thanks to a new solution called the Farmbot Genesis, an open-source robot that allows users to grow their own food without having to do any of the hard work.

Farmbot: The Robot That Will Help You Grow Your Own Food

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Farmbot Seeder

The robot has the ability to plant vegetable seeds and water them individually to the amount that they need, factoring in the variety, soil, and the stage of germination that the seed is at. It also takes into account the weather conditions so that it knows the amount of water to give the plant to let it grow. The best part is that it also takes care of any weeds that grow in your vegetable patch so you won’t have to.

How does this work? The user can go through a Raspbery Pi2 host computer, where you can drag and drop the plants you want to grow onto the system and lay them out as to how you want your garden to look. The robot can then take over with the help of a 3-D vegetable printer.

Farmbot App

The Farmbot has made waves on social media for mixed reasons. Some people were against having a robot farmer, saying that not keeping their own garden makes people lazy, while others expressed concern regarding the amount of vegetables that it can grow. Others object plainly on the thought that fun will be taken out of gardening if robots take over.

Those who love plants but were not gifted with a green thumb, however, are keen on trying the invention, as it makes things easier for those who want to try but are not able to farm. If the Farmbot interests you, all you would need is a water source, an electrical supply, and vegetable seeds that you want for your robot to grow in your own garden.

Automated Garden Robot

Farmbot is available for a whopping ₱191,000 (US$3,856) on a pre-order basis. The company says they are expecting to make their first delivery by February 2017, claiming that you can take back your investment within five years of using the robot gardener.

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