20 Bamboo Bedroom Furniture, Flooring, and Wall Design Ideas

20 Bamboo Bedroom Furniture Flooring and Wall Design Ideas

The bamboo designs that you usually see in photos or in mall displays are actually faux bamboo. Though bamboo is generally abundant in nature, many people choose to carve other types of wood like oak, pine, and maple to make it appear like bamboo. This technique was actually used by the Chinese back in the fourteenth century to create sturdy furniture without having to sacrifice their signature aesthetic.

The bamboo bedroom ideas you are about to see on this list are a combination of faux and real bamboo. Get inspired to create a space where you’ll want to rest your head in below.

Bamboo Bedroom Ideas That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

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1. 114 Diamond Ave

114 Diamond Ave

Faux bamboo was used to create the curtain and lamp shades, adding a rustic element to the modern design of the room.

2. Asian Style Master Bedroom

Asian Style Bedroom

This Asian style bedroom is on display at the Design Center of the Americas. Check out the bamboo details on the headboard and flooring.

3. British Colonial in Pasadena

British Colonial in Pasadena

Chinoiserie is the fusion of East Asian and Western designs. The bamboo chest beside the bed is the perfect example of the chinoiserie technique done right. Black is actually the most used color in chinoiserie designs; white and bright blue are also common.

4. Green Show House, Naples

Green Show House, Naples

This eco-friendly abode features actual bamboo plants and bamboo posts adorning the bed.

5. Hilton Head

Hilton Head

The Hilton Head master bedroom exhibits minimalist art at its finest. At the center of it all is a stunning bamboo bed that is sure to stand the test of time.

6. La Jolla Residence

La Jolla Residence

Bamboo panels serve as sliding doors in this one-of-a-kind bedroom. Since bamboo is a very lightweight material, sliding them open and close can be very easy. From a designer’s point of view, the brown hue of bamboo perfectly complements the red oriental designs of the pillows and closet.

7. Llano River Ranch

Llano River Ranch

The horizontal paneling on the walls may be eye-catching, but nothing beats the tiny yet noticeable bamboo detail placed at the edge of the bed.

8. Lombardy Lane, Laguna Beach

Lombardy Lane, Laguna Beach

Ready to be inspired by this British colonial style room? This beach-front abode was designed by John Robshaw and Peter Dunham. Bamboo panels adorn the bed, perfectly complementing the dhurrie that grounds the entire space.

9. Makena Residence

Makena Residence

The materials used to cover the ceiling are actually made of bamboo. Certainly one of the best bamboo bedroom ideas, this contemporary design infused with Asian elements like bamboo instantly creates an excellent color combination.

10. Nashville Contemporary Asian Bedroom

Nashville Contemporary Asian Bedroom

There are a number of Asian-inspired hits in the bedroom, including the wooden artwork situated above the bed as well as the faux bamboo decors strategically placed in the corner.

11. New York Guests Room

New York Guests Room

Incorporating the color purple into bamboo bedroom ideas and basically any bedroom design is a huge risk for designers, but this room uses the hue perfectly. That subtle touch of lavender amps up the design by giving it a very regal effect.

12. Norman Residence

Norman Residence

This beautiful room will have you feeling like you’re in the middle of paradise. But do remember that orange can be a little tricky to work with. Avoid creating an eyesore and tone down the brightness of the hue by adding wooden elements to the floor or decor.

13. Ocean Front Estate

Ocean Front Estate

It’s really hard not to fall in love with bamboo design ideas, especially for bedrooms—just like this one. Despite its subtleness, it can instantly whisk you away to wonderful summer memories by the beach.

14. Portland Art Deco Funk

Portland Art Deco Funk

This family home’s master bedroom is the accurate representation of that “tree house feeling.” The bed is topped with a silk-covered comforter as well as a bamboo wall design on the back of the bed.

15. Relaxed Sophistication in Hawaii

Relaxed Sophistication in Hawaii

This grand bedroom is inspired by the different islands of Hawaii. The lovely combination of dark-colored bamboo chairs and the silk bed easily makes this room the envy of any Asian-inspired home lover.

16. Shelley Street, Elwood

Shelley Street, Elwood

This room in Melbourne will take your breath away. The mixture of modern designs, minimalist colors, and the bamboo wall outside is visually stunning.

17. Sthomas Camsa

Sthomas Camsa

The muted palette of the room is made even more beautiful by the view of nature outside.

18. Tampa Tropical Bedroom

Tampa Tropical Bedroom

A thick curtain rod made of bamboo works perfectly with the white linen fabric that hangs from it. The green accent also does a number on this room as well, giving a feeling of an endless summer.

19. The Cliffs Vineyards

The Cliffs Vineyards

The bed is supported by four strong bamboo posts that add to the rustic feel of the entire room. The dark-toned wood floors contrast wonderfully with the white panels as well.

20. The Feldmans

The Feldmans

By just looking at this photo, this East Asian-inspired room instantly creates an outdoor feel. The grass-like carpet at the foot of the bed is also a great added detail.

The bamboo bedroom ideas you have seen on this list are mostly modern and contemporary designs infused with an Asian twist. All of them have a lightweight and natural feel thanks to the materials used to create them. You may notice that nature plays a huge role when it comes to creating Asian-inspired homes. Although not all the materials displayed above are authentic bamboo, they are still beautiful nonetheless.

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