Bamboo Building: Stunning Bamboo Structures from Around Asia

bamboo building

Bamboo is a construction material commonly associated with Asian culture and tradition. In most Asian countries, bamboo is used to create structures like suspension bridges, fences, houses and a bamboo building. This fast-growing tree is known to be even stronger than oak, making them more than ideal for typhoon-prone countries like the Philippines.

Today, you’ll be taking a glimpse of the most stunning bamboo structures around Asia. Check out the photo gallery below.

“Magical” Bamboo Building: Making the Most Out of Earth’s Natural Treasures

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Mason Lane

Types of Bamboo

Mason Lane Farm Equipment Building, Goshen, Kentucky made from locally grown bamboo by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility

Mason Lane Farm Equipment Building by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

The structure above was built to hold hay and farm equipment, with the open lattice design intentionally done to allow the hay to dry.

Great Wall House

Great Bamboo Wall House

Great Wall House, China, by Kengo Kuma & Associates

The Great Wall House is a multi-dwelling project near Beijing. Part of the construction requirements was to make use of local materials, so the designers opted for the inexpensive bamboo.

Bamboo Building Great Wall House

Inside the Great Wall House, China

Inside the Great Bamboo Wall House

Bamboo ceilings, bamboo walls

The Great Wall Bamboo House

Dining room at the Great Wall Commune

The Great Wall Bamboo House, Dining room

The design of this bamboo building was inspired by the Great Wall itself, which lies straight ahead from the house. According to designer Kengo Kuma, “The Great Wall in the past partitioned off two cultures, but this Bamboo Wall would not only partition but also unite life and culture.”

Passive House

Passive House Karawitz Architecture

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture closed on the north side, open on the south

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture

Close-up of bamboo shutters by Karawitz Architecture.

Bamboo Construction

Green School

Green School Bali Architecture

Bamboo spiral – Green School by Ibuku.

The Green School is a large complex filled with stunning bamboo buildings. From the main center aptly named the Heart of the School to the Turtle Classroom, there is no shortage of wonder and awe in Bali’s Green School.

Bamboo spiral – Green School by Ibuku

Green Village

House Made of Bamboo Design

Green Village is a community of private bamboo living spaces made by the Ibuku Group. It is located on the Ayung River valley in Bali and serves as an extension of the Green School community. Each bamboo building in the area was made unique and custom-designed for their owners.

Bamboo Faucet & Wall at the Green Village

Black Bamboo walls at the Green Village, a planned community adjacent to the Green School.

Bamboo House Bali

A bamboo and canvas library with spinning oval door by Ibuku, Indonesia

Bamboo House Design

Bamboo walls made from the center slice (cross section) of giant bamboo by Ibuku

Bamboo Wall Panels In Bedroom Interior Design

Bamboo walls and ceiling beams

Bamboo Made House

Children’s Activity and Education Center on Koh Kood

Children’s Activity and Education Center on Koh Kood, Thailand

Building a Den Inside

Bamboo with printed paper backdrop. Kid’s Den by 24H Architects, Thailand.

Dutch architecture firm 24H teamed up with bamboo specialist Jörg Stamm for the project. The Kid’s Den, which serves as a centerpiece, is in the shape of a manta-ray and is made of local Thai bamboo.

The Kid’s Den
Even with all these features, the world is not this limited to bamboo architecture.

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