Simple and Sleek Bamboo Crafts for Home Designing

Simple and Sleek Bamboo Crafts for Home Designing

Bamboo is the perfect decorative piece that suits any home. It adds a natural element to any space and keeps the tone minimalist and sleek. If you are looking for ways to integrate the goodness of bamboo into your home, then you have come to the right place. With these bamboo crafts for home designing, not only will you feel inspired to begin decorating, but you will also get tips on how to apply these ideas so you can lighten even the most dullest corner of the house.

18 Bamboo Crafts for Home Designing

Bamboo is a renewable material known for its smooth texture, durability, and solid variety of warm and calm tones. Its incredible growth rate makes bamboo the perfect material for environmentally conscious homeowners. Browse through this beautiful collection of bamboo crafts that range from bamboo ladders to dividers below.

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1. Bamboo ladder used as a towel rack

Cut out high-quality bamboo poles to create as many ladder rungs as you want. Make sure you secure the ladder to its supporting poles so it can withstand the weight of wet towels.

Bamboo Ladder

2. Slices of bamboo sticks transformed into a bamboo sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirrors are a classic way to liven up any room. Instead of creating the rays with long bamboo poles, try using its ends to create a more unique look.

Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

3. Glossy bamboo stick vase

Trade your plain plastic vase for this bamboo stick masterpiece woven together by rope.

Bamboo Stick Vase

4. Elegant lamp adorned with bamboo sticks

This design allows you to play around with your imagination. Add a random amount of bamboo sticks over a lamp and watch as it instantly evolves into a lovely art piece.

Bamboo Lamp

5. Bamboo dividers for the bathroom

Looking for a unique way to recreate a divider? Relish the goodness and durability of bamboo poles by using it to create a layer of privacy between each section of the room. The end result adds a cozy and modern touch to any space.

Bamboo Decor

6. Bamboo napkin rings

The warm tone of bamboo complements the darkly toned napkins, emanating elegance and simplicity.

Bamboo Napkin Rings

7. Bamboo as a base for a glass coffee table

Who says coffee tables have to be made of plain wood? Cut bamboo into irregular shapes and piece them together to create this unique furniture.

Bamboo-Glass Coffee Table

8. Bamboo candle holders

Bamboos can be used as candle holders as well. You can create your own by using small pieces of bamboo and then cutting a slot running all the way through.

Scented Candles in Bamboo

9. Bamboo garden swings that are perfect for rustic-themed homes

Enjoy the fun outdoors with this bamboo swing! Bamboo is a flexible material that can withstand heavy weight, so you can trust that it’s a safe material for building outdoor swings.

Bamboo Swing

10. Outdoor shower covered by a bamboo curtain.

Dreaming about taking a vacation in the tropics? You can create your very own tropical paradise at home with an outdoor shower enclosed within a bamboo curtain to provide extra privacy.

Bamboo Outdoor Shower

11. Bamboo pieces as plant holders

Instead of a clay pot, why not use a piece of nature to nurture another piece of nature? Bamboo planters are sturdy enough to safeguard your houseplants from harmful outdoor elements.

Bamboo Craft Ideas

12. Miniature wooden house for plants

Amp up your garden with this miniature bamboo home that happens to be a great place to store your plants. You can purchase a similar design in several vintage stores, but if you want to have a little fun, you can always create your own!

Miniature Bamboo Home

13.  Add an exotic touch to your garden with this rope and bamboo fence

This bamboo and rope combination perfectly suits a botanical garden.

Bamboo Fence

14. Bamboo bench

This bamboo bench acts as the centerpiece of a colorful flower garden, creating a little piece of heaven in the home.

Garden Bamboo Bench

15. Bamboo bits to separate your lawn from the flower beds

Even the smallest bits of bamboo can be put to good use! For this garden, the bits were arranged to serve as a barrier between the grass and the flower bed.

Bamboo Craft in Garden

16. A lovely bamboo hotel for bees

Bees help keep garden flowers healthy, so why not return the favor by giving them a nice place to rest their tired little bodies? This lovely bee house is made entirely of bamboo, which is inexpensive and easily available at garden shops.

Bamboo Bee House

17. Bamboo water fountain

In Asian culture, bamboo and water go hand in hand. Create a place of zen in your own home by building a Japanese fountain.

Bamboo Water Feature

18. Bamboo wind chime

Wind chimes are a decorative piece that can liven up any home. Swap metal tubings for ones made out of bamboo to create a more mellow and relaxing sound.

Bamboo Wind Chime

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