Bamboo Design Ideas You Can Use to Create a Resort-Inspired Space

Bamboo Design Ideas You Can Use to Create a Resort Inspired Space

Nature is abundant with the perennial flowering plant that is bamboo. As said in our past articles, Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, are overflowing with bamboo. So access to this renewable source should not be a problem.

We continue the bamboo home series with bamboo design ideas that you can incorporate into your own space. Keep reading to learn how you can utilize this natural material in a stylish and captivating fashion.

Bamboo Design Ideas to Create a Place of Zen

You may have seen bamboo blended into the decors of modern homes. If not the flooring, it’s the blinds or furniture. The aesthetic bamboo creates immediately sets the tone for the rest of the room. From bamboo chairs to dividers to even outdoor showers, browse through the creative designs below and you’ll be left in awe of the many ways you can create a tropical paradise in your home.

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Creative outdoor solutions

A bench seat created from recycled bamboo.

Bamboo Bench

A generously sized bamboo table fits right in the middle of this outdoor living room. Bamboo can also be used to create other home decors like frames, cigarette holders, and vases.

Bamboo Crafts

Beautiful, serene designs

The flexible structure of bamboo means that it can be used in a variety of ways inside the house. A concrete example is this partition used to separate the kitchen from the living room area.

Bamboo Design

Called one of the luckiest feng shui symbols, the bamboo plant is thought to bring peace and luck to your space.

Miniature Bamboo Home

The bamboo that is used for crafting these decorations are often cultivated by experts who use sustainable farming practice, thus doing no damage to natural bamboo forests.

DIY Bamboo Wind Chime

Bamboo Plant Trellis

Beyond conventional

These designs are proof that bamboo can be used in more ways that one. So let your creative juices run free and let the design ideas below inspire you.

Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo Fountain Tip

Bamboo for your outdoor garden

An outdoor bamboo garden design doesn’t necessarily focus on the plant alone. It also provides opportunities for outdoor furniture and bamboo structures.

Bamboo Insect Hotel

Succulents Bamboo

Bamboo Craft in Garden

Bamboo outdoor shower

Kick things up a notch by installing this resort-inspired outdoor shower made of bamboo walls.

Bamboo Outdoor Shower Enclosures

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