Inspiring Bamboo Designs and Architecture from Around the World

bamboo designs all over the world

Bamboo is a woody grass that has built a reputation as one of the fastest-growing plants. Over the years, it has slowly been carving a large impact on the design and architecture of several bamboo buildings around the world. Bamboo’s sustainable qualities and strength can rival that of steel, which makes it an ideal material for everything from the roof to the staircases for bamboo designs.

To celebrate the wonder of bamboo, here is a gallery of bamboo designs around the world. Check out the different ways designers have incorporated this unique material below.

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10 Stunning Bamboo Designs Around the World

1. Panyaden School by 24H architecture, Thailand

Panyaden School by 24H Architecture

Tropical countries like Thailand are known to be abundant in natural materials like bamboo. It is no wonder that Dutch design firm 24 Architecture chose to develop the Panyaden School in this Southeast Asian country. The structure is located within the lush forests of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. It serves as an institution that teaches students the principles of Buddhism and ecological sensitivity. A variety of bamboo rods serve as columns, and at the same time, they make up the uniquely shaped roof as well.

2. Low-cost bamboo housing in Vietnam by H&P architects

Blooming Bamboo by H&P Architects

Most of the bamboo designs around the world and every bamboo structure is made for a purpose, and for this astounding bamboo building, it’s to help people in need. H&P Architects, a Vietnamese design firm, developed this low-cost housing project to help families in flood-stricken regions around the country. Though the exterior appearance is simple, it meets all the basic needs of a residential home. The building uses bamboo module units to create a secure base and roof that are strong enough to withstand strong winds and heavy rain. These bamboo living spaces use materials like recycled oil containers and other local vegetation.

3. Slowwork, Teastyle Bamboo Collection by Jeff Da-Yu Shi of Dragonfly

Bamboo Furniture

Designer Jeff Da-Yu Shi of Dragonfly Design Center exhibited “Slowwork, Teastyle” at the Domus Tiandi Showroom during Beijing Design Week. Shi blends an expert mix of craftsmanship, culture, and innovation in his work. He took traditional Chinese design concepts and incorporated modern details into this unique tea set. In total, Shi came up with nine unique teapots that are housed inside an original bamboo chest.

4. 24H Architecture: Children’s Activity and Learning Center, Thailand 

Children’s Activity and Education Center on Koh Kood, Thailand

Olav Bruin of 24H Architecture created the “Children’s Activity and Learning” as a part of the Six Senses’ Soneva Kiri Resort situated on the island of Koh Kood in Thailand. It serves as a place where young guests can play, eat, learn, and discover the wonders of natural living. The massive roof serves as a shelter for several unique mini-structures enclosed within. The interior is composed of river gum wood and solid rattan that are weaved for decorative purposes. Probably one of the most complicated bamboo designs around the world, the construction makes use of bamboo reeds of all sizes, with the larger poles used as anchoring columns.

5. Michael Verhaeren’s Sustainable + Compact Bamboo Bicycle

Compact Bamboo Bicycle

When talking about the best bamboo designs around the world, you probably expected to see a list of only the most elegant buildings and unique furniture pieces. But no, bamboo designs can be incorporated into vehicles too—like these bikes.

These bikes by Belgium industrial designer Michael Verhaeren are based on Buckminster Fuller‘s geodesic domes. Bamboo is the most distinctive material involved in the construction of these unique bikes. The two-wheeled bicycles were made with an ecologically conscious design process in mind. Instead of steel or aluminum, they were constructed using carbon or organic fibers and then reinforced with epoxy to bind the bamboo parts together.

6. Dutch Design Only presents sustainably woven bamboo chair 

Tejo Remy Bamboo Chair

Dutch design pair Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizenis utilized traditional Asian plaiting techniques to create this bamboo chair. Aside from being incredibly lightweight, it is also extremely durable. The bamboo designs were modeled after the deck chairs found on passenger ships. The construction process follows a combination of traditional Dutch techniques with ancient methods to make a sustainable product.

7. Eko Prawoto pitches wormhole with conical bamboo structures

Bamboo Structures

This temporary design structure by Indonesian architect Eko Prawoto was displayed on the Singapore Biennale held last 2013 to 2014. The structure enchants guests to venture inside its mysterious interior, which is only visible from the outside through a small slit along the side. Designers used the concept of time as a source of inspiration. This can be evident through various details around conical formation namely the moving clouds at the cone’s crown and the distinctive smell of bamboo, which is reflective to the period when the material was widely used.

8. Hangzhou bent bamboo stool by Min Chen

Bamboo Stool Design

Chinese designer Min Chen developed the Hangzhou stool, a chair composed of sixteen layers of thin bamboo veneer. Each layer measures exactly 0.9 mm in thickness, all of which were meticulously bent into an arch shape and glued together at the ends. The chair is very durable as the arc deepens with the weight it receives.

9. Bamboo furniture by Taiwanese Studio Scope Design

Bamboo Furniture Design

Traditional Asian techniques are reimagined with this stunning collection of bamboo furniture. The talented Taiwanese craftsmen of Scope Design Studio handmade each of these furniture pieces, incorporating equally astounding bamboo designs, creating one unique piece after another. Their most popular collection was presented on Taiwan’s Design Week. It comprised of five different pieces that are versatile and offer minimal space utility.

10. Bamboo Stationery set by Yu Jian

Bamboo Stationary Set by Yu Jian

This unique ten-piece stationary set was developed by designer Yu Jian. Just like most bamboo designs around the world, this masterpiece takes advantage of the flexibility of bamboo. Jian combines the material with metal parts that correspond to the function of each piece. The results are a variety of functional devices that can be used every day, from a pencil case to a USB hub and even the most aesthetically pleasing desk clock in the world.

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