Bamboo Fence Ideas You Can Use for Your Dream Home

Bamboo Fence Ideas You Can Use for Your Dream Home

Bamboo fences are a wonderful way to add a layer of privacy to your dream home. Bamboo is a common building material used in Asia, mostly due to its strength and flexibility. Bamboo is also an eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious homeowner, with certain bamboo species even growing up to an inch every forty minutes.

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Types of Bamboo

However, bamboo living spaces are not really everyone’s cup of tea. Because as with any other building material, there are disadvantages of using bamboo. To better understand why there are those who are not fond of looking into the best bamboo fence ideas, here is a breakdown of the primary pros and cons of utilizing this material.

Pros of using bamboo

  • Strength. Bamboo is known for having a higher compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete. It is also known to have the same tensile strength as steel.
  • Comes in a variety of colors. You can come up with a lot of bamboo fence ideas since the material comes in a number of natural shades.
  • Environment-friendly. Bamboo is a sustainable material known to grow at a rapid rate, so you don’t have to worry about cutting them down!
  • Durable. Bamboo is resistant to heat, earthquake, and even snow.


  • Availability. Bamboo is abundant throughout Asia, but for those who reside in the West, you might have to make a special order for this material.
  • Pricey. In line with its limited stocks in foreign countries, ordering bamboo may be a little pricey.
  • Excessive winds may break it down. If you live in a typhoon-prone area, you need to provide extra support for your bamboo fence.
  • Research before you buy. Bamboo comes in a variety of species, and each varies in hardness and size. So before making a purchase, figure out what you want to achieve with your bamboo fence.

Why use bamboo to create fences?

Bamboo spreads quickly and is an excellent choice for creating fences and privacy screens. Generally speaking, bamboo is a tropical plant, but there are certain varieties that can withstand cold weather. Species like Fargesia nitidia and Fargesia murielae are capable of surviving winter temperatures as low as -20 degrees.

Once you’ve decided on the type of bamboo for your, it is time to look for a supplier. In the Philippines, bamboo is sold at a low price, so you’ll end up spending less than putting up a wooden or chain link fence. They range from 150 to 400 Philippine pesos, depending on the quality. If you wish to grow the bamboo yourself, then you can always opt to create a live privacy wall. As stated above, bamboo grows quickly, so with the right amount of care, you can grow your living privacy wall in no time.

With that being said, let’s now take a look at some of the best bamboo fence ideas you can use for your own home.

21 Bamboo Fence Ideas

Decorative Bamboo Fence

Bamboo is a perfect backdrop for a traditional Zen garden. It manages to balance out the green and dark tones with its neutral brown color.

Traditional Bamboo Fence Ideas

The photo above is a completely different design but nevertheless one of the best bamboo fence ideas, edging toward a rustic motif familiar in the west. The bamboo is used here as a fence surrounding a vegetable cart. It is deliberately cut in different ways to create a carefree and simple appearance.

Front Yard Bamboo Fence Ideas

If you want to go for more a sleek and modern direction, then you can follow this Asian-inspired design. A curved fence painted jet black supports a large bamboo gate. It is used as a privacy fence that opens up to expose a backyard that comes complete with a stunning pool.

Bamboo Garden Fence

Shorter and stubbier bamboo can also be used as a fence next to a larger privacy fence. The zigzag design is stylish as well, it manages to create the illusion of an exotic jungle or a tropical paradise.

Bamboo Fence on Garden

Even if you already have walls constructed around your home, you could still add bamboo as a decorative element. The lovely design above may serve as your new inspiration. Simply use thin stalks of bamboo settled inside a wooden frame. To really amp up the aesthetics, create a lovely flower bed directly on the ground.

Bamboo Picket fence

This decorative bamboo fence is another variation of your standard picket fence. Each pole is tied together, creating an eye-catching diamond pattern.

Bamboo Reed Fence

Reed fencing is similar to bamboo in appearance, but it is not exactly extracted from the bamboo plant. It is created by weaving natural reeds together with rust-proof wire. This material is perfect for individuals who have a limited supply of bamboo.

Bamboo Inspired Garden Fence

The garden above uses a combination of harvested bamboo and living bamboo fences. The green stalks of the live bamboo grow higher than the harvested one, creating a second privacy fence for your home.

Bamboo Fence

Pictured above is another double-layered fence, but this time, it is supported by a black iron security fence. The area is accentuated by a small bamboo fountain and a variety of garden plants.

Bamboo Decorative Fence

To give this garden a more decorative and natural appearance, the designer used individual bamboo poles to create this simple yet sturdy fence. As demonstrated above, bamboo can be used on its own to create a very unique and modern look.

Bamboo and Reed Fence

Some of the best bamboo fence ideas combine bamboo and reed to create a relaxing fence for your backyard. The thicker stalks of bamboo can be used as horizontal support bands for your reed rolls.

Bamboo Wall

A bamboo fence doesn’t always have to be made of fixed panels or rolls. Even with live bamboo fences, you can create a barrier or partition. However, do keep in mind that growing bamboo requires attention, so make sure to nourish your plants to prevent deterioration.

Feng Shui Garden Design Ideas

There are countless possibilities when working with bamboo, especially if you wish to create a place of Zen. This Japanese garden fashioned with a wood-bamboo fence is a great example. It even comes with a tiny wooden bridge at the center.

Asian-Style Bamboo Fence

As stated above, bamboo can come in a variety of shades. This photo accurately illustrates just how vibrant the natural colors of bamboo are. Some stalks come in shades of mahogany while others are more yellow, giving birth to bamboo fence ideas that will not only keep you safe but will give your house that eye-catching vibe as well.

Bamboo Privacy Fence

Outdoor showers are great for those who wish to inject a touch of nature into their garden. The bamboo screen can easily transform your shower into a tropical paradise that adds a layer of protection against prying eyes.

Bamboo Privacy Wall

This garden uses black bamboo fencing rolls. They are secured against a wall to create a safe and private enclosure. Notice how the rich dark stain matches with the wooden roof to create a more polished finish.

Mahogany Stained Wooden Fence

Another version of a mahogany stained wooden fence is illustrated above. The fence is decorated with a number of ornamental trees placed directly in front of it. This acts to fill in the gap and add more privacy for the homeowner.

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